An Anniversary Pause

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I won’t be writing anything tomorrow, it is our 36th Wedding Anniversary. I’m taking a day of leave, and have some surprises planned for Judy in addition to going out for breakfast and then dinner at our favorite German Restaurant in Portsmouth.

I will catch you on the rebound on Wednesday.


Padre Steve+


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14 responses to “An Anniversary Pause

  1. Pinky

    Happy anniversary!

  2. David W.Harris


  3. Hope you both have a lovely day and Happy Anniversary!

  4. maryplumbago

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Briantskar

    Happy anniversary, Steve and Judy

  6. A late but not less hearthfelt:

    Hartelijk Gefeliceerd me jullie trouwdag
    Congratulations with your Wedding day.

    The best wishes for many of those special days still to come

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