A Second Mass Murder this Weekend: now 30 killed, nearly 50 wounded in Two Attacks

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I am shaking my head at the mass killing in Dayton, Ohio last night. Another nine people killed and 20 more wounded in the space of 30 seconds. Using a AR-15 type weapon equipped with a 100 round drum magazine while dressed in black clothing, and wearing body armor, the murderer was killed by Dayton police just before he could enter a crowded bar. Had he gotten in his already his already gruesome toll in human lives would have skyrocketed. He even killed his sister.

His history as a student in high school records that he was expelled once and re-admitted. At the same time he was reported as having been a bully, a misogynist, and to have had a “hit list” of people that he wanted to kill or rape. He also used social media to say that he was a “Satanist” and a “Leftist” who railed against the radicals of the extreme Right and President Trump, although he gloated over the death of Senator John McCain, which would be unusual for someone who despised Trump, McCain for his faults was admired by many on the left. So I wonder, if his was a false flag, especially with his earlier violent history.

However, violent sociopaths are not limited to the political Right. The Left, especially in Europe, Asia, and South and Central America his its share, not so many in the United States, especially since the end of Vietnam, but not unknown.

The killer obtained his weapons by mail from Texas through a local dealer. He drove his sister and others to the site of his massacre, then disappeared until he came back to kill. What is motivation was is undetermined, but he was a violent sociopath who masqueraded as a nice guy. Evil knows no boundaries. People forget that many of Stalin’s secret police and military officers had once been loyal servants of the Czar, and that many of Hitler’s most ruthless killers had at one time been Communists, Socialists, or members of the political Center. They just shifted their loyalties.

But the one common thing between the last two, and if you extend it to the killer at the Garlic Festival early last week, the real problem is not just the evil of these killers. But, that the problem also resides in our nation’s lax gun laws. There are so many loopholes that make it easy for any person to acquire military grade weapons, extended magazines, flash suppressors, silencers, body armor and Kevlar helmets, with little to no restrictions. In fact, these terrorists and criminals no matter what their persuasion or ideology are aided by the gun lobby and its army of lawyers, and are often more heavily armed and protected than law enforcement officers. Please, try to tell me how that makes any sense at all.  If you can I’ll give you a cookie.

Until we as a people, regardless of our political beliefs regarding the Second Amendment are willing to face that fact there will be more carnage. There will by hundreds, if not thousands of deaths. Empty words from the President or members Congress, without bipartisan legislation that gives law enforcement agencies the authority to enforce those laws is simple bullshit, regardless if it comes from a Republican or Democrat.

I have qualified or familiarized with almost every individual or team fired weapon in the current and past United States military inventory dating back to 1981. My favorites were the M1911A1 .45 caliber pistol, and the M203 Grenade Launcher. It was an M16A1 with a 40mm grenade launcher below the muzzle. I also used to call for fire for 155mm field artillery. To be sure putting those rounds on target gave me a woody. Once we finalize the final renovations to our townhome and move to a ranch house, my wife and I plan on getting matching bolt action carbines. She shoots like Annie Oakley, she’s a much better shot than me.

That being said neither of us needs an AR-15 or AK 47, or for that matter any of their derivatives. For that matter, I don’t believe anyone needs that kind of weaponry unless they are willing to use the basic 10 round magazines that were the original standard magazine for the M16 and AR15. My opinion, is that if you cannot protect yourself with such a weapon with the standard magazine you are either an incompetent, or have malevolent intentions. In fact most people could easily defend their home with a fully automatic and non-lethal paint gun rifle. The intruder would be immobilized and marked for law enforcement, even if he or she managed to flee the scene. Until I get my paint gun or bolt action carbine I will glades used any of my collection of baseball bats, swords, and cunning to defend my home against any intruder. I would be like the character played by Eli Roth in the film Inglorius Basterds, Donny Donowitz, the Bear Jew. My bat would knock their brains out of the park like “Teddy Fucking Williams.”  

I realize that such an attitude is inconsistent with my relatively passive interpretations of a Christian’s response to violence. But having been physically threatened by White Supremacists and neo-Nazis in the past, I have to say that if any showed up at my house, they better be prepared.

As far as assault weapons, magazines, and protective gear that gives a terrorist of any belief or ideology the ability to engage in mass killings and match up evenly or give them tactical superiority over law enforcement officers, I totally oppose it as I do believe the men who wrote the Second Amendment would of they could foresee the carnage of our time.

I believe that more now than ever.

Until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+



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3 responses to “A Second Mass Murder this Weekend: now 30 killed, nearly 50 wounded in Two Attacks

  1. I have a cell phone, a baseball bat & a rosary for my home defense. No more guns. Ever.

  2. Steven

    Well, sort of…

    IF we leave Home Defence out of the argument for a moment. I collect guns. It happens I collect older weapons, in the Victorian to early WWII range, but the argument really holds.

    I do not, actually, need or use these weapons for HD. I have a Browning Hi-Power for that (technically from the period, but mine was given to me for my 12th birthday and is an ambidexterous model, as I was left-handed then). They are, in fact, kept unloaded and locked in a safe. BUt I have ammunition, reloading supplies, and various magazines for them, and all are capable of being fired, and are fired on occasion.

    Suppose I collected modern military firearms. I would want an M4, of course. It is the weapon that brought the strengths and weaknesses of the US 5.56mm round, to the fore. It is everything that is wrong with American Tactical Doctrine (if you can really say that the US Army **has** a discrete Tactical Doctrine that is truly divorced from its Operational Goals). The M4, and the Armalight 15 that is intimately related to the M4, are weightless, as battlefield tactical rifles go. Holding one always makes my face crease in wonder, because I mentally prepare for a “real” rifle and wind up holding something that weighs a little more than my Broomhandle Mauser—maybe.

    And I would want the 30-Round magazines employed in the field. And I would tape them together out on the range. To a different end, of course. I want to exceed the cyclic rate for which the carbine was designed and watch it fail in so many heartbreaking ways. Because I don’t just want to hear thing, I want to know they are true or false. And I want to argue for change if they are bad, or to leave them be of they are good, etc…

    And I would want to own a modern Soviet, NATO, and Chinese weapons, too. Mind you I’m stunned that I actually could afford that—those weapons should be heinously expensive; they cost the nations acquiring them way more than they cost American collectors. If all I wanted was to **pretend** I had an AK.47, and bought a cheap copy, They costs less than some toys nowadays.

    So that’s **a** WHY. It’s not about Home Defence, though. I still want my cookie, but I can’t answer your inappropriately narrow thesis. But I want my cookie. For the record, I do not believe the “Home Defence” argument.

    But honestly, I’m not certain why a public argument is needful. The Constitution asserts a Right modified by a Duty. That has always led the Court to modify the Right in the interest of the Public Weal.

    Thus, to own a Lewis Mk.II Light Machine Gun, I would have to pay a whole bunch of money—well over US $2,000 up front. And I would have to have what is called a Tax Stamp for the weapon. This permits me to own the weapon and keep it in my home under strict conditions:

    The weapon must be secure. A weapons safe is the minimum.
    The Weapon may not be modified in any way.
    The weapon may not be equipped with any ahistorical fittings.
    The weapon may not be loaned, given, or sold, to another without permission
    The weapon may not be fired by an untrained or unsupervised person
    The weapon must be available for inspection at any and all times
    The place of residence of the weapon—business or home—must always be open to inspection at any time without prior warning.

    These inspections always include any and all properties where then weapon may be kept or operated, and may be conducted by the BATF itself, or by a duly authorised Law Enforcement entity charged by the BATF on its behalf.

    So if the BATF stops by my house at 0300 and asks to see my imaginary Lewis Gun, I would have to let them in and show it them, and let them look anywhere they liked, and if they found anything they didn’t like—illegal guns or drugs or money, a still, untaxed goods, counterfeit, etc…—they could seize my weapon and my stamp.

    If I failed to renew my stamp—at around $450 a year, now, I think, but maybe more (it was $200 a year when I had one)—I have to give up my weapon or have it seized (generally, the Feds will work with you if you’re not just trying to scam a weapon).

    The reason no one talks about this is that it is **everything** the mass-shooting Evil Government Types dislike. From the moment you lay hands on a LEGAL fully automatic weapon (or, until the Republicans were convinced a suppressor could be used in a backyard where a firearm could not, a silencer or suppressor), the BATF ***KNOWS YOU***, and has your legal permission to keep up with you as and when it feels the need.

    Makes it hard to plan a mass killing or bank robbery or revolution or whatever.

    But it DOES make it possible to peacefully own a cool weapon and enjoy the amazing feeling of shooting it.

    I want my cookie. I like white chocolate chip. No nuts. Or Oatmeal Raisin. Or Chocolate Chip. No nuts. Or Sugar Cokkies. Or Sniker Doodles. Or pretty much any kind of cookie—I’m an American after all, we’re not big on exclusion. But no nuts IN the cookie. I love nuts. Just not in my cookies. And being an American, you are free to take that any way you like.

    • padresteve

      I fully agree with peaceful collectors of military weapons for the sake of history, and the willingness of pay for that. Law allows for that. If I could have a tank from every era I would need a battalion sized motor park to put them all on display. I’m not opposed to the collection of weapons for the sake of collection, but the vast majority of the terrorist killers are not collectors, they just want massive firepower.

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