Nazi Crimes Against Humanity: The Medical Experiments

Hypothermia Experiment at Dachau

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Moving  on from last night it is time to look at other crimes committed by the medical establishment of Hitler’s Germany. Unlike the killing of those considered Life Unworthy Of Life, this involved medical experiments on Jews, Prisoners of War, especially Russians, Gypsies, and others deemed to be subhuman. All of these people were deemed by the Nazi establishment as suitable subjects for a wide range of medical experiments which inflicted incalculable suffering on the victims for little or nothing in medical or scientific advancement. However, the sponsors and practitioners of these experiments subjected their victims to some of the most inhuman experiments imaginable.

Victim of High Altitude Experiment

The vast majority of these experiments were conducted in the concentration camps at Dachau and Buchenwald. The included experiments in which the victims were immersed in near freezing water to simulate what Luftwaffe aircrews might be subject to when ditching their aircraft in the North Sea. The did the same to others in simulations of what should happen to Luftwaffe aircrew at high altitudes with varying amounts of oxygen deprivation.  Others were exposed to malaria, typhus and other diseases and treated with vaccines of questionable value. Others were subjected to bone and nerve experiments, and exposure to white phosphorus and other chemical burns. Almost all the victims that survived were killed.

       Buchenwald: the SS Medical Institute, Victims, and Tools of Torture 

The depth and depravity of the medical experiments at Dachau, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, and other camps is hard to imagine. The fact that they were carried out by medical professionals even more unimaginable.

I will write more on this subject at a later date, as most of my books on the subject are at my work office. but I thought this a good time to introduce my readers to a subject that they may not know much about.

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3 responses to “Nazi Crimes Against Humanity: The Medical Experiments

  1. Heather Rainbow

    I found this, because I’m doing research into the medical experiments of Nazi Germany, too, and currently writing an article on it.

    I didn’t realize, for example, that the German government created a foundation that gives out a whopping $8,000 to victims of medical experiments. One man attempted to get information on the chemicals they gave them that made him sterile. The US government failed to provide relief. This settlement that occurred may have, in effect, given these corporations immunity from any further liability and also made it so they do not have to comply with providing information to those they have harmed.

  2. I found your information because I was doing some research on nazi Germany and the medical experiments they did.

    Through my research, I found that the German government set up a “Foundation” that gives people who have suffered from their medical experiments, etc, $8,000. It appears to bar any lawsuits against the German government or the corporations that exist today. One man wanted to know the name of the chemical they used on him that made him sterile, and the US government wouldn’t allow the claim to go through. They may be immune from any discovery, even though they may still be using the data today on new experiments.

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