It Begins Again: Trump Supporters Embrace Life Unworthy of Life

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

The United States is now engaged in a life or death battle on multiple fronts. The first is against the novel Coronavirus 19 pandemic that has killed at least 47,650 Americans and infected at nearly 849,000 more, of which almost 717,000 are still active cases.  Of course we now know that the first deaths occurred in California during February weeks before the first officially recorded deaths began to be counted, there is a strong possibility that many more deaths were chalked up to the Flu and Pneumonia. With barely 1% of the population tested the probability is that hundreds of thousands of others who are probably out roaming about and spreading the virus. Of course many people still go without observing social distancing, unless they are forced to at the grocery store, or do not wear any kind of face mask. The May not care about their lives, but they show a sociopathic distance for the lives of others. Some forget, that the face masks are not simply to to protect themselves, but to protect others, in case the sociopaths are carrying the virus. I had to make two stops on the way home from work and more than half of the people I saw were going about their business without any protection, and one man going into a grocery store had two young boys, neither could have been over 5 or 6 years old. Then I remembered, that the lives of your kids don’t matter neither do the lives of strangers.

The second is against the profound ignorance, pathological narcissism, emotional fragility of a President who does not trust experts be they scientists, Physicians,  economists,  educators, or even military professionals. Instead he relies on his gut instincts, and how the words of experts either support him, or harm his fragile ego.

Because of that he plays to the worst instincts and prejudices of his followers in order to whip them into a frenzy of demonizing, threatening , and if need be, and even harming others. All this to protect his position, power, and fragile, thin skinned ego, he has created a fanatical cult-like following of people who believe that he alone can save them from their misery. It is not that they are inherently bad people, but like their leader they blame others: racial, ethnic, religious, liberals (who they call Communists or Socialists), gays, women, and everyone other than themselves and the political, religious, economic, and ideological propagandists who destroyed their way of life. However, the President’s life hasn’t been destroyed. He is still rich, and is the Chief Executive of the Country, and whether he wins reelection or not, he will be better off than them.

The President’s actions throughout the first outbreaks and reliable intelligence reports of the virulence, spread, and danger presented by COVID-19 ranged from denial, over-optimistic estimates, and deflecting his lack of action in order to blame others. Likewise, he promoted himself as the ultimate victim of anyone who dared tell the truth about what was happening, and repeated conspiracy theories with no scientific, historical, or clinical data to back them up in order to motivate the most violent and conspiracy theory oriented followers to action.

Much of this he did while presiding at daily COVID-19 briefings, often silencing or contradicting well respected scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, and other experts in order to change the narrative from his multiple failures, to how smart he is and how well he has handled it.

President Trump called himself a wartime President but then publicly at one of these briefings, and then denied all personal responsibility for the deaths and the economic costs of the pandemic. In a very real sense he abdicated his office. One cannot claim to be the final authority unless he or she is also willing  to take responsibility for their actions. This is a trait that Trump shares with the Hitler of the final days who blamed his people for failing him and not being worthy or remaining a nation or a people.

Instead of taking action and shouldering responsibility as so many other American Presidents have done in the hour of crisis, Trump blamed the Chinese, who are quite obviously not without blame for covering the virus spread in their county for at least a month and a half. Then he blamed the World Health Organization, which made an early mistake about the transmission of the virus, but quickly corrected it. From there he went on to blame his political opponents, and the free press and media, rather than his own inability to take responsibility and take decisive actions to stop the virus before it could devastate so many lives and our very national security. Instead he chose meaningless window dressing designed to make him look good and blame others to escape any personal responsibility for his actions. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that said The Buck Stops Here. For Trump, the only bucks that stop with him are the ones that line his financial bottom line. 

Sadly, President Trump cannot accept responsibility for his actions, and shamelessly claims credit for the success of others. His life is a testimony to this. He has woven a carefully crafted series of excuses and lies about his failures.  In his mind he is the myth that he created: the combat hero who avoided the draft and never saw any military service. He mocks real war heroes, says he is smarter than the generals and admirals, and pardons and praises convicted war criminals. He claims to be the greatest businessman, but has so many corporate bankruptcies and failures that it boggles the mind. He poses as an icon of Christian morality and protector of the Christian Faith, but who lives his life in the most unchristian manner imaginable, to the faithful honest enough to admit it. He has three divorces under his belt, two directly cause by his unfaithfulness where he cheated on his wives, divorced them and married his mistresses. Likewise he admitted to Howard Stern that he has had many mistresses and one night stands. He he cannot dig an abyss deep enough to cover his actions, and words, which are almost always the most base and easily disproven lies. Despite that, he continues to utter the most bold faced lies almost every time he opens his mouth or sends a tweet, and then proclaims that he does not need the forgiveness of God, even as he cannot quote a Bible in its correct context to save his life. Now, in the misst of a raging pandemic which is killing tens of thousands of Americans, he claims to be smarter than highly trained scientists, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, virologists, and public health experts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the President has constantly made many foolish decisions that allowed the virus to spread has taken center stage without taking any personal responsibility, even publicly stating that he didn’t take responsibility for anything, even as the virus claimed an exponential number of victims. Instead he blamed China, which does bear some measure of responsibility, the World Health Organization, which made an initial mistake in the potential for the virus’s spread, but then rapidly on January 5th corrected itself. As it continued to spread he blamed the governors of the states for not being ready, made grandiose promises supplying massive testing programs, ventilators, and PPE for the doctors, nurses, technicians, and EMT and first responders without delivering on them. He could do that as long as the economy appeared strong.

Now his Presidency, which was build around keeping up the economic good times has collapsed around him. He was able to deny, delay, and deflect the blame as long as the economy remained strong. But within weeks the markets had crashed and the unemployment rate jumped from just over 3% to over 10% and continues to rise. These are Great Depression numbers, and real economists and economic historians are predicting a major worldwide recession or depression.

Since March the President has been talking about restarting the economy and reopening business. He wanted that by Easter, but then backed off. He allowed his public health officials to issue guidelines for governors to use in order to begin reopening businesses, and the recommendations were based on good science. But soon protests sponsored by long time right wing and conservative operatives, with links to White Nationalists, extreme Second Amendment Rights groups, and Fundamentalist Christians claiming that their Constitutional rights to Freedom of Religion were being violated by Stay at Home Orders, were being waged on the steps of state capitals, and the President began attacking the governors that were following the guidelines his administration had issued. He tweeted Free Michigan, Free Wisconsin, and “Free” whatever state refused to reopen business. His Attorney General, Bob Barr threatened to “jawbone” states who were in his opinion being too strict in their protective public health and measures with Federal lawsuits and investigations.

Then leading Republican politicians, pundits, and the OAN and Fox News commentators, who almost all happened to be practicing Evangelical Christians or Conservative Roman Catholics, as well as supposedly Christian preachers began to suggest that some lives are not worth saving. So far they have limited themselves to the elderly, or people with chronic pre-existing medical conditions who require expensive medications or treatments to stay healthy or even remain alive, as worth less than opening businesses while a pandemic is still raging with no effective treatments or vaccine to stop it. While the President and his politically motivated minions didn’t say the exact words, they implied the idea propagated first by American Eugenicists in the 1920’s which were taken up by German Eugenicists in the Weimar Republic, and became key part of the Nazi regime, to cleanse the Aryan Race by eliminating the defective. The Nazis never got a pandemic to justify their actions, but Trump and his cult have been provided with one in order to justify allowing the least, the lost, and the lonely; those who are considered to be a drag on government and private economic resources, to condemn people to death because they are Life unworthy of Life. To me it sounds ironic and hypocritical that many of these same people fight against abortion, for the lives of the pre-born but have never given a damn about the lives of people outside of the womb, or the pre-born that die in American drone strikes in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.

A Nazi Propaganda Poster Showing the “suffering” of Pure Aryans in supporting Life Unworthy of Life

Yale Historian and Holocaust expert Timothy Snyder wrote:

“The European history of the twentieth century shows us that societies can break, democracies can fall, ethics can collapse, and ordinary men can find themselves standing over death pits with guns in their hands. It would serve us well today to understand why.”

The absolutely immoral and anti-life, but pro-Trump, pro-profit, racist, ageists, and anti-semites motives of these people must be exposed. Their motive is not liberty, but it is death.

As pro-Trump governors in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Alaska, and mayors like the Mayor of  begin opening their states even as the virus rages, they will unleash an even worse case situation. Since the virus has an incubation period of 4-14 days there will be a lag between the new infections and when the infections occurred. Georgia, Florida, and Texas promise to be the worst hit states in the beginning of this second wave of infection. First, their governors are the most aggressive in determining to reopen their states, as they oppose and ignore Federal guidelines for reopening that the Trump Administration just put out, even as the President encourages revolt against his own policies. They ignore all the history, experience and science of what slows down a pandemic, and put lives at risk.

Sadly, their efforts will not just endanger them but every worker they put back at work who do not have PPE, and cannot afford to lose another paycheck. Most of these people are minorities, or poor whites. They are also advocating to stop treatment of the elderly and disabled. The Nazis did that, and actually practiced euthanasia. These Trump followers don’t just do that but, but consider their political, racial, and religious beliefs opponents, as life unworthy of life.

The really terrible thing is, that besides the victims whose blood will be on their hands, that many of these protesters have the underlying conditions that would disqualify them from the full extent of treatment if their policies were in place when they become infected. They might assist in the killing of others, but they will not be spared, because they have placed their faith in the social Darwinism, economic eminence, and haughtiness of the Eugenicists, the Nazis, and their own cobbled together incomprehensible philosophy of power, greed, and death.

For them it all comes down to economics, racism, and anti-Semitism. The White Race needs to life and profit, while all others must either die or live as slaves. The truth is that Trump and his most loyal followers only want what is best for themselves, not for others. They do not believe in the words of the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Instead they believe that certain lives are worth less than others, and there are no unalienable rights, except for theirs.

Dr. Marc S. Marcozzi wrote:

“Politicized medicine is not a sufficient cause of the mass extermination of human beings, but it seems to be a necessary cause. The Nazi Holocaust did not happen for some inexplicable German reason; it is not an event that we can afford to ignore because we are not Germans or not Nazis. The history of “Germany from 1914 to 1945 is a telescoping of modernity from monarchy, war, and collapse to democracy and the welfare state, and finally to dictatorship, war, and death.” 

Sadly, unless something happens that drives Trump and his cult out of political power, even before the November elections, we may very well see his administration resort to similar measures to deny treatment to and then eventually euthanize the victims of COVID-19. I personally believe that his desire to reopen the economy is less because he thinks that it will bull the nation out of its economic abyss and get him re-elected, but rather that it will kill off the people he and his cult consider to be life unworthy of life.

I have been working on this article for nearly a week. As I mentioned over a week ago I would be doing more reading, studying, and observing in order to not to shoot from the hip and to get the facts right.

So until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+



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7 responses to “It Begins Again: Trump Supporters Embrace Life Unworthy of Life

  1. ajc

    This article is so good. So intelligent. So right. AJC

  2. padresteve

    You’re done here. Toodles

  3. Steven

    Hey Padre,

    This one really shows your work-a-day credentials at their best. Not free of error or of the annoying errors we all catch **after** the piece is up, but polished, thoughtful, and deliberate.

    You get fired up while writing—which is what imbues your work with its immediacy—and sometimes trip over yourself trying to get across both your point and your feelings. When you have a chance to go back through your articles/posts/whatever, you are nearly always able to combine both into much cleaner prose.

    You get a little heated towards the end of this one, but overall this is a thoughtful, passionate piece; easy to follow, well-presented, and unblinking. Nice work.

    I do feel that when you line up to describe The Turnip’s amorality, you have trouble holding your centre. Of course he uses “Christianity” to self-promote, despite being in no way a meaningful Christian. It isn’t his lack of Christian morals, so much as his manipulation and exploitation of the Evangelical Christians, that is offensive.

    The idea that The Turnip has any Beliefs is absurd. His behaviour shows clearly that, had any of his one-nighters, girlfriends, mistresses, or other sexual associates wanted an abortion, he would have provided the money for it, and if necessary, arranged it (or had one of his lawyers do so). The fact that he attacks access to legal abortion for the great majority of Americans—the wealthy can always procure what they need, regardless of its technical legality—should not balance a genuine commitment to the values of Evangelical Christians. Pandering is prelude to Prostitution, and Prostitution is simply commerce.

    Full Disclosure: I support the right to choose for all persons living in the United States of American. I also believe that medical care is private, and who pays for it does not alter that confidentiality; that one is poor and must lean on their fellows for assistance—Medicare, for example—does not mean that their access to health care should be controlled or directed by others.

    Also, I had an abortion when my then-partner and I were in our thirties and dating.

    • padresteve

      I fully agree with you Steven. I do not judge people for having abortions, forcing the to either through government or personal control is another matter. It is a choice and it should be made without duress. I do not believe that simply being anti-abortion, though the anti-abortion calls itself “pro-life” it is not. They don’t give a damn to what happens to a fetus once it is born, especially if it is of the wrong color, race, religion, or the child of a poor person. They don’t care about the children and fetuses that are killed as collateral damage in drone strikes, or bombing campaigns. Likewise as you said the right of patient confidentiality and autonomy cannot be ignored, nor as you said their access to health care, including abortion should not be controlled or directed by others.

      While serving as the head of the ethics committee at a major Naval Medical Center, in the time when doctors could not perform an abortion, even to save the life of a mother without the written permission of the hospital commander. We had a young pregnant mother of twins at 10 weeks gestation, and her Marine husband come to her OB-Gyn with a request for an abortion because she was diagnosed with an exceptionally deadly and fast moving uterine cancer. The only treatment available was through interventional radiology and those doctors would not perform the procedure unless an abortion was performed because the treatment would kill the fetuses, and without it she would die before she could deliver them. I interviewed the couple. Reviewed all the records, the clinical studies, and discussed the situation with all the physicians involved, and then with the members of the committee who agreed that I should write the recommendation to the commander that the abortion be performed so the mother might get a chance at life. The Admiral, was a devout Christian who in addition to his MD and other advanced medical and scientific education also had an accredited Master of Divinity degree. He signed off on the recommendation the same day. The irony was that if the bishops of the church I was a Priest knew my recommendation, they would have excommunicated me. They and the church were absolutely anti-abortion, and connected with the militant Roman Catholic group, Priests for Life. So I never have mentioned it publicly until now, despite them kicking me out later for advocating for publicity writing about my support women’s ordination, LGBTQ rights, and saying nice things about Muslims based on my experience with them in Iraq, as well as those I served with in the military. Trump has exploited the basest hatreds and prejudices of his conservative Christian cult base. I really do appreciate your erudite comments, as well as constructive criticism of my writings. I hope someday we can sit down over a few pints and just engage in personal conversation. I think it would be great. Have a great night, peace always, Steve

  4. Reblogged this on Rcooley123's Blog and commented:
    Another outstanding missive from Padre Steve regarding those who, seemingly with the backing of our current President, seek to abandon the policies put it place to stem the Covid-19 pandemic in order to reinvigorate the economy despite the fact that doing so invites an even more deadly resurgence of the disease.

    Donald Trump is running for another four year term as our President (leaving aside the doubt of many that four more years in power would be enough to satisfy his lust for power) and realizes the damage currently being done to the economy by the policies put in place to deal with Covid-19 are seriously damaging his chances of him winning in November. There is no shortage of right-wing activists willing to cast caution to the wind in a bid to reopen our economy. There is even plenty of support for doing so even if more people will be killed by the pandemic should their attempt to reverse course on these policies precipitously before more is done to alleviate the damage it can still cause or treat/cure those who become infected as a result.

    Trump has been and continues to be all over the place on dealing with this crisis. His twitter rants and “press briefings” that have merely become excuses for more attacks on any journalists or others who question his policies or point out his false talking points and serve him as propaganda tool for free campaign speech more than educating the American people.

    Rather than uniting the American people to defeat the crisis, he is using it to place even more divisive, non-compassionate, purely partisan arguments into the mix and maintain his power by dividing and conquering his victims ( who to me seem to consist of most of humanity) to benefit mainly himself and those oligarchs who share his motivations.

    The fact that many of these people protesting mainly against Democrats and Progressives in blue states proclaim themselves to be pro-life Christians does not change the fact that what they want to accomplish is likely to create more misery than it alleviates just does not strike me as being morally consistent. The racist nature of many of the protests and Trump’s public statements (how has Anti-Asian sentiment been aroused in the process?) also does not seem to be particularly Christian in nature.

    Let’s fix the problem by uniting against the virus, not by letting it run rampant against those not us. -rjc

  5. ajc

    This article is so good. Yes, I said that before but it brings out really thoughtful comments. It so hopeful to know there are some people out there that aren’t ignorant and semi Nazis. I still don’t know how that moron got in. Maybe Hillary shouldn’t have run. Her being a smart woman really rubbed some of the trash (excuse my language) the wrong way. And there are so many crazy, cruel people in America. I never knew that. Trump is a virus. The church going evangelicals (dirty word to me) have a strange value system (power and money and more power). They are the ones who commit adultery, get secret abortions for their girlfriends when caught etc. I know, that is why I no longer go to church. We ALL make mistakes but we don’t get behind a pulpit and pretend otherwise. And they lead the innocent astray. But don’t get me started. ajc

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