Wear a ?@#$!! MASK!

Yes, my glasses fog up. It’s annoying. But it’s not worth dying over. YOU OR ME!

Wear a ?@#$!! MASK!

I hear from people at work and others I know that the cracks and flaws of marriage are being exposed by constant contact in a lockdown environment. I am making myself available to our workers returning from working from home or administrative leave because they are in high risk groups.


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3 responses to “Wear a ?@#$!! MASK!

  1. I fully and wholeheartedly support the the wearing of masks. I cannot wear one, as I have only one lung and the mask cuts my intake or air to a dangerous point. So, I simply go nowhere. I order my groceries online and drive through to pick them up, and if I need anything else, my daughter picks it up for me. It’s a thing called ‘respect’ that far too many in this nation seem to have lost sight of.

    • padresteve

      I understand, some medical conditions make the wearing of a mask impossible. But at least you are being responsible, and doing what you can not to put yourself or others at risk. You are doing, to use what we in the Navy call “maintaining the bubble.” Be safe and have a happy 4th.

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