What are the People Around Trump Thinking?

Originally posted on Boomer Dem-Nation: I spent twenty-three years as a registered nurse and had occasion to administer the Montreal Cognitive …

What are the People Around Trump Thinking?

Friends of Padre Steve’s World, This is a blog that was re-blogged by one of the bloggers that I follow that I am posting as I don’t think I will get any of my original articles out since I am working to complete “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory” by the end of the weekend if not by tonight. I think I will be following the author of the piece as well. I think what is brought up in this article is important. My dad died of Alzheimer’s disease in 2010 and I have known others who have suffered from dementia of some form. While I may oppose Trump, I do actually care about him as a human being. Dementia of any kind is nothing to ignore.


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4 responses to “What are the People Around Trump Thinking?

  1. I share your sentiments on Trump. Everyone’s humanity should be respected. He just doesn’t belong in the White House, in my opinion.

  2. Dave M

    “I tried thinking, ma, but it hurt.” Jethro Bodine
    They’re thinkin’, where is the aspirin?
    Take Care, ttyl …

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