A Necessary Condition of Affairs… Stay Tuned.

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I won’t be posting much here on on social media much until I complete my book manuscript and get it to the publisher to meet contract requirements. As part of the contract to keep the book from being too expensive I am having to edit out about 30,000 words and create an index. Be assured that my agent and publisher are willing to publish any major sections separately to promote the book, and maybe use in future publications.

Tuesday I have a series of appointments with a VA contractor to review my medical records to determine my disability rating. I expect a 100% rating due to all the shit wrong with me, documented by over 2000 pages of medical records. I also have to drop of my paperwork for my Active Duty retirement physical.

I will occasionally post here, maybe old articles, but hopefully ones pertinent to our current crisis.

So until the next time I post.


Padre Steve+


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7 responses to “A Necessary Condition of Affairs… Stay Tuned.

  1. Steve- I’ll buy your book. Good luck with the VA! Semper Fi…

  2. danrfrancis

    Blessings as you write . . .Interestingly, I am also in the final stages of editing a book. Godspeed!

  3. Dreamer9177

    Best of luck to you.

  4. ajc

    I wish you the best but boy am I going to miss your posts. ajc

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