Make My Day Trump Cultists that I have Tried to Reason With

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Here’s the deal. I do my best to treat everyone who comes to my site and comment with respect and simple decency. That runs out when a person, be they a subscriber or not makes comes to the site and makes ad hominem attacks and treats me like shit I say the hell with them. I had to do that today to a subscriber of a couple of months who I had a number of interactions with but even though he disagreed with me I treated him with respect and kindness while not giving up my position.

Today he responded to my post about what Mitch McConnell and was President Trump are doing with the chance to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a Trump apparatchik before the election. I told the man that I had treated Him with the utmost of respect and kindness since his first opposing comment but that he was done. I have blocked him from posting ever again and frankly I don’t give a damn what he or anyone else thinks.

So, if you want to be like Ray or Raymundo Ruiz , a Trump Cultist from Orlando Florida, formerly of Winter Park Florida.  I am calling him out by name. I won’t publish his phone number, address or Florida Registered Voter number, but let this is a warning shot to anyone who comes after me here. If I can identify you I will call you out, I will shame you.

That might sound unchristian, but I don’t tolerate bullies and will do everything within the law to call them out and shame them. They are unworthy of respect and deserve nothing more.

So if they come to your blog, website, Facebook Page, Twitter feed or anything else, don’t even attempt to engage them with reason or logic, because they don’t respect you and probably wish we were dead. If you can identify them shame them, if not block them.

That being said, I am done for the night.


Padre Steve+



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19 responses to “Make My Day Trump Cultists that I have Tried to Reason With

  1. danrfrancis

    Please know I understand … and I support your decision to draw a line.

  2. Turning the other cheek is great but we have only two. If there is hope for true communication, then dialogue is good; but no one should be subjected to useless badgering. It’s good that you stood your ground.

    • padresteve

      We are all going to face this if we speak out. Be prepared, draw your line in the sand and make your stand when that time comes. Both of my cheeks have been beaten enough by turning them that they are so calloused that I can’t tell which one is being hit, thus there is no more turning of cheeks. Just a drawn a sword.

  3. Larry M Holliday

    Bravo, Steve!! I am sorry that our world has become so savage!!!
    Bless you and all that you stand for!!!!!

    • padresteve

      Take up your sword too Larry. Their hate for you as at least as strong as theirs for me. Watch your back and make sure that you have friends looking out for you as you do them. I hate that our world has become such, but now is the time to stand.

  4. What I’m standing for, my conscious is my guide.
    There is a time, for everyone, to say, till here and not further.

    Standing for, it’s not the big things.
    It starts with small ones.

    I do what I’m capable of.
    In writing, explaining, being a member of a human rights organisation etc.

    Mainly my psychological issues limit the choices of what I’m capable to do.

    A lot of small things in time create a positive force. A force for what is just, right and true

    The following I won’t say or write often.
    But it’s something I do write from my hart.

    “May God keep you and your wife (and the dogs ofcourse) safe”

  5. Bob Zuparko

    Good for you

  6. Well said, Padre. I share your frustration. As you know, I have picked up a few haters along the way, and like you, I tried to treat them with respect, but there was never respect in return. Just yesterday, I blocked one who I once thought of as a friend, but who has become so toxic that I finally drew my line in the sand. Today is International Peace Day, but it almost feels like a bad joke, for peace is an elusive concept in this country at the moment.

    • maryplumbago

      Good Jill…there’s comes a point when it’s not worth trying to be nicer looking at a point of view when it’s put forth with so much hate and venom

      • Thanks, Mary. Yeah, I tired of saying the same thing over and over again, only to be disrespected and called names. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

    • padresteve

      That it is, but as the Anti-Hitler plotter Henning von Tresckow said: “We have to show the world that not all of us are like him. Otherwise, this will always be Hitler’s Germany.” We have to show that we are not like him or them, or this will always be Trump’s American. It is a time to stand, even in what seem to be little things.

      • I know you are right, Padre … it’s just so hard sometimes not to sink to their level. I do try, but I don’t always succeed.

      • padresteve

        Tell me Jill, sometimes I want to body slam them, break their knuckles and rip their tongues out. In Jesus Name of course.

      • Of course! Sigh. Padre, I have never in my life wished death on anybody before, but every morning I wake hoping that the breaking news of the day will be that Trump choked on his Big Mac and died. No, it doesn’t make me feel good, doesn’t make me proud of the person I have become, but … it’s honest. 😥

      • padresteve

        I always think of him choking on a chicken wing or Melania bumping him with her hip at the top of the stairs and having him crash and burn.

      • Love the idea of Melania bumping him with her hip at the top of the stairs. I’ve often wondered why she hasn’t simply covered his face with a pillow some night … no doubt she’d like to!

  7. Larry M Holliday

    “Love the idea of Melania bumping him with her hip at the top of the stairs. I’ve often wondered why she hasn’t simply covered his face with a pillow some night … no doubt she’d like to!”

    Rather difficult to do, since they don’t share the same bedroom!! Just sayin’.

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