Accountability and unity

Originally posted on musingsofanoldfart: Republican Senator Mitt Romney said yesterday, we cannot have unity without accountability. Yet, some …

Accountability and unity

This is so true. If if people broke into your home, killed your dog who was trying to keep them out, came hunting for you to kill you but couldn’t get you before the police arrived and the people who ordered them to commit the crime never admitted it and wanted you to agree to their demands against you it would be okay? Really that is what the Republicans are doing with impeachment. They call for unity like Hitler called for unity in the Anschluss against Austria or the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia.

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  1. The Republicans in Congress are lacking two things: Conscience and Courage. Until they find them, we will not see any semblance of a government … “for the people, by the people, and of the people.”
    Thanks for sharing, Padre!

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