Padre Steve’s Update

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I figured that I needed to update everyone on what is going on since my last post of a month ago.

Anyway, that’s me and my post-retirement beard. Since the time this photo was taken the beard and mustache have continued to thicken up, and I think that the mustache will do a nice handlebar. It will look late 19th or early 20th Century by the time that it is done. That being said we have moved into our “forever home” and are continuing to work to make it what we want. It is a beautiful home in a neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places and though only 11 years was built to look like the historic hundred year or more old homes in the neighborhood.

It is amazing and because it is not in Virginia Beach it didn’t break us. If we had found something like this in Virginia Beach it would have cost over a million, but in a quite and safe neighborhood where neighbors look out for one another in Norfolk it was less than a third of that. Since we have lived in military housing, starter tract homes, apartments and most recently a townhouse this is a mansion. Judy has an amazing art studio and my library/office is coming together. I cannot believe how much work it has been but our progress is amazing, and our Papillon kids love it. They have lots of windows to look out, a backyard that they play, do their business and keep watch on the neighborhood. Izzy and Maddy love the windows as do Sunny and Pierre, but Pierre needs to be up on furniture to look out.

Izzy and Maddy on watch

Anyway, the amount of work has often left me exhausted, so much so that I had brain cramps and writers block. However, we are at a place where I was able to start working with my publisher and agent on Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!, and things are taking off. I have a number of well respected historians, educators and civil rights leaders, including a Pulitzer Prize winning Civil War historian who are reading it in order to write blurbs for the publisher. I continue to work with my agent and the publisher daily in addition to working in the house.

So I am quite busy. I hope to write more here more often as things progress and time allows.


Padre Steve


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10 responses to “Padre Steve’s Update

  1. Good luck with your project… well chuq

  2. PADRE!!! You’re BACK!!! YAY!!!! I have missed you!!! The house is absolutely gorgeous, though huge! I think I would not like to have to clean such a large house. Izzy and Maddy seem to have adapted well. I’m so glad that things are falling into place for you … you deserve peace and contentment. Oh, and by the way, I love the beard! Looking forward to seeing more of you here in blogosphere soon! Take care …

  3. David w Harris

    Greetings Padre, Great house and looks huge by British standards. If you find yourself getting lost in it just tie some wool to the bannister post and carry the ball of wool with you……Best wishes.

  4. I am SO GLAD you’re back!!! What a beautiful house!! Hey! I’m in a new house too! Much smaller but still beautiful cuz it’s MINE! Moving is exhausting, isn’t it? Hang in there!! I’m looking forward to reading your posts about life! Hugs

  5. Jed

    Like others, delighted you are back. The new home looks wonderful; I hope it is a sanctuary in our increasingly hostile world.

    Good luck with the book and all the best from ‘across the pond’.

  6. Brian Skar

    Good to here from you again. I am looking forward to buying and reading your book. God’s blessing on you and yours as you begin this new phase in your life. Your new home looks like a great place. Enjoy it. Keep up the fight for justice and common sense.

  7. Steven

    Good on you, brother. I love the house—it really does have the older home vibe, which I prefer to the mass-produced cookie-cutter; though of course, any house can be a home.

    Seeing your dogs reminded me of ours, doing the same, albeit much taller. I do not know that I would have made it this far without my dogs and my always-annoying cats. There’s no room on the bed for the humans, but we make do.

    Glad to see you looking “normal” tired. One cannot be angry all the time, even if there is so much still to be angry about.

    Take it slow.

  8. William Ramsey

    Hey Padre Steve. Congrats on your retirement and on-going transition to civilian life. Wishing you and yours all the best! God bless you!

  9. Dave M

    While the Padre is away, the Coup is still happening!

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