Enter a New Year

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

2022 was a momentous year for me. My book, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: Religion and the Politics of Race in the Civil War Era and Beyond was published on October first, and I am very happy about it. I also started a Doctor of Strategic Leadership program in the fall and I am doing well in it. The only disappointing thing was how my teaching job has changed for the worse, how it has hindered me from doing work publicizing my book and from doing research and writing on my next book.

Because of this 2023 will have to be different. The teaching job has been incredibly frustrating and just before the Christmas break I realized that I had pretty much hit the wall there. There is too much to go into here, but I am going to have to leave it in order to keep my health, and to focus on the things that are really important to me. That means Judy, the puppies and our home, my writing, research and development of my LLC to do Staff Rides, history tours, and consulting work, getting my second book done and on the way to publication, and being able to do the travel I need to do in order to do explore libraries, archives, and historical sites to dig deep into my work. I can’t keep the day job and do those things. I will need to make up so of the cash flow, but since I make so little money there, that should not be too hard. Finally, the doctorate, which the VA is paying for through the Post-911 GI Bill is far more important than spinning my wheels teaching.

The teaching job has also kept me from writing here, doing op-eds, and doing the other things that help keep me centered, like an exercise routine and walking, since my knees are too shot to run anymore.

Thus, in 2023 I begin anew by casting loose of the thing holding me back and sailing into a yet unwritten future. I hope to see more of you here in the coming year.


Padre Steve+

By the way, if you want to get a copy of Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory, the quickest way to get it is on Amazon. The link follows. Likewise, if you want to work with me on setting up a Staff Ride, a history tour, or for me to do some consulting work, let me know.


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9 responses to “Enter a New Year

  1. So good to see you, Padre! I’ve missed you! I’m glad to know you’re working on a second book and other projects. Wishing you, Judy and the pups a very Happy New Year!

  2. Pierre Lagacé

    I have missed you a lot Padre.
    Wise decision to focus on priorities.

  3. Shalom, Padre,
    I got your book as a Chanukah gift—it’s great! Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. I’ve already gained a wealth of perspective that was very needed. I’m sure the Lord will provide as you continue to serve Him. I am so grateful for the wonderful insights you’ve given me and your readers. May the Lord lead you with blessings, grace and wisdom into the New Year.
    As a fellow student in a doctoral program in Practical Theology, I sympathize with you totally.
    Warmly in Messiah,
    Ben Volman
    VP, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

  4. Keep up the great work, sir – always glad to read your posts and publications. V/r JS US Army (Ret)

  5. Good to hear from you, Steve. You seem to be busier than ever. Don’t burn yourself out. Have a great 2023

    Brian Skar

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