Whack them Now: Padre Steve takes Aim at Wiki Leaks

The Enemy: Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks

Disclaimer added December 4th: Reader beware. Due to comments from people that are too dense to figure out that some parts of this essay are over the top hyperbole in the style of Denny Crane I have to ask readers to look beyond the “whacking” and not take all of this seriously. Despite the “whacking” comments I don’t want this accused rapist and scumbag killed, I want him to have to suffer the ignominy of our court system instead, get sent to prison and try to run Wiki Leaks off a prison library desktop that he has to share with a convicted rapist named Bruno. So don’t take all of this seriously and if this is your first visit to this sight take a look around I’m actually quite the civil libertarian and many consider me a pinko commie liberal and even worse because of some of those views.  Just remember 4 words: Denny Crane, Padre Steve

Note on Comments: Due to the increasingly abusive invective by Mr. Assange’s supporters in their comments on the comments page I have turned off comments for this article. This is the first time in the nearly 2 years in the history of Padre Steve’s World that I have had to do this. Over the weekend I received a number of comments that I chose not to print due to their shrill and hateful tone as well as lack of any clarity of thought.  I have wearied of Mr. Assange’s and his cyber-criminal thugs.  I have not had to deal with such abuse since being threatened with bodily harm by Appalachian Neo-Nazis.

If ever there was a time that my civil libertarian self duels with my Machiavellian self on days like today. Today I have to believe that my Machiavellian side is winning.  I am fed up with these Wiki Leaks people and dare I say the traitors who along with them that have leaked sensitive documents and posted them on the internet for all to see.  In fact I’ll say exactly what I think of this bunch.  They are evil and malignant.  There is nothing good that can come of what they are doing except to make the world an even more dangerous place and endanger American lives and those of our Allies and friends.

I was reading some the excerpts in the New York Times this afternoon and I was thinking what the hell? There hasn’t been a nation in history that hasn’t practiced what we are being treated as criminals for doing including those that will cry foul and shed crocodile tears about what has been published or will be in the coming days.

I know that some will disagree with me on this and even accuse me of hypocrisy after all of my recent posts about the threats that I see to liberty and freedom due to the Patriot Act and actions of certain government agencies in the wake of 9-11 and they can go right ahead because I don’t care because I’m not one of those Reverend Lovejoy namby pamby jackwagon preachers that recoil in horror when dealing with the real world.

You might ask why I say this, because I have a brain in my head and while I am a passionate moderate I am passionately in love with this country and threats to it from without and within. However there is a qualitative diplomatic and ethical difference between the threats that we face at home to civil liberties and free speech as opposed to an extra-governmental rogue organization such as Wiki leaks which publishes and uses illegally obtained documents to undermine the United States while we are at war.

Part of the problem especially in regard to the diplomatic cables is that Wiki Leaks is using them against the United States without any regard to consequences.  You see every nation that engages in “diplomacy” is engaged in the same behaviors as have been revealed by Wiki leaks but since the Wiki Leaks bunch has repeatedly singled out the United States as opposed to other nations it can only be surmised that they are a non-governmental and non nation state enemy much like Al Qaeda.  In fact Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange is no better than Osama Bin Laden and though he doesn’t brandish an AK-47 and orchestrate physical terrorist attacks is more dangerous to peace and stability than any turban topped terrorist operating out of a cave in Waziristan.

It is my opinion that they and their employees should be considered enemy combatants and subjected to not only prosecution but good old fashioned CIA, MI-6, STASI or KBG style elimination.  After all name just one other country that Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange has taken the trouble to go after…I’m waiting…but why wait because there aren’t any, Assange loathes the United States and has been tirelessly working to take us down for years.

Assange and his minions hide in the shadows of cyberspace assisted by willing dupes and traitors…yes that is what they are including the Army Specialist that is the source of many of these documents.  Be assured that there is a reason that they don’t mess with the Russians, very simply Putin would have them hunted don and killed one by one.  This may sound un-Christian, un-Democratic or even un-American but if a few Wiki leaks staff were to get whacked their operation would cease because they are cowards, in fact I’d start at the top with Assange because if we whacked his minions he would just find others to die for his cause.  In fact if the U.S. and its Allies don’t arrest and prosecute or failing that whack Assange we will continue to see him and others do this to us and reap terrible consequences of their actions.

I’m sorry but in spite of our flaws, mistakes and sometimes imperialist overreach the United States is the Good Guys.  When people need help who do they call? The Chicoms? Russia? The EU? Give me a break, when people need help they call for Uncle Sam. Despite all that the United States stands accused of by those that loath us, we still willingly put our blood and treasure on the line for others that often spit in our face while taking our money and accepting our servicemen’s blood as an offering to keep them safe.  Sorry anti-American haters, we are still the good guys and slimy people like Julian Assange make me sick, I mean the Swedes have a warrant out for his arrest, I think the charge is rape. What an arrogant low life he even ripped off the “Wiki” label and has nothing to do with Wikipedia or sites associated with it.  This may seem out of character for little old peace loving I want to get along with everything me full of forgiveness and grace, but this guy is evil and ugly to boot, he probably couldn’t get a date with a good looking American girl and is still pissed at us.

As far is hypocrisy goes there isn’t a single nation including the Vatican State whose diplomats do not make the same assessments of their friends and foes leaders and policies that have been revealed in the Wiki leaks documents.  I’m sorry but the Machiavellian world of diplomacy and intelligence is not a Christian and it is not a Sunday school class or Rotary Club meeting. No it is nations working with and against each other based on what they believe to be in their nations’ best interest even if at times it is distasteful. That is the real world and Julian Assange and his organization is an active combatant against U.S. national interests and security and should be treated as such.

The actions of Assange and his minions will damage U.S. diplomacy and our national interests for years. Allies and friends that might have helped us before because they felt secure in doing so will not because they will not feel safe in doing so. This will give terrorists and others free reign to attack because our allies will be hesitant to share what they know for fear that their security and interests will be compromised when what they share in confidence is revealed to their enemies.

Wow that was a mouthful.  While I pray that the diplomatic and human damage from this will be minimized I also hope that someone starts playing hardball with these enemies.  We are at war and Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks is now a declared enemy.  It is time to treat him and his team as the enemy and whack them wherever they are.

Peace or whatever,

Padre Steve+


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25 responses to “Whack them Now: Padre Steve takes Aim at Wiki Leaks

  1. John Erickson

    Let’s see. We’re at war, yet the government diverts millions and millions of dollars to a group of wacky scientists out in the American South West desert. Blow the whistle, right? Problem is, it’s 1944 and those scientists are part of the Manhattan project. Even if the Internet existed back then, no one would’ve permitted this to happen. We need to bring back that wartime concept of security – things like “Loose Lips Sink Ships” (or these days, get them pirated by Somalis). Just as you say, Padre Steve, Wikileaks et. al. is guilty of nothing less than treason. Bring back the “at war” mentality, and they’ll get the proper sentence.

    • Penguin

      Yep, you are right, bring all that good ole American stuff back. McCarthy trials, civil rights violations, rep, the good ole days.
      I look at it this way, we can have no secrets, we are a democracy; if we have secrets, we are not a democracy.
      I don’t how a simple concept could have so much problems. It seems that there are a large group of people who are very mis-lead on truth.

      • padresteve

        Mr Penguin

        I don’t think that John is advocating anything such as McCarthy. As for me and the matter of secrets in relation to dealings with foreign nations. McCarthy used to powers of his office to silence our own people much as it appears that people in the TSA are trying to do to reporters such as CNN’s Drew Griffin. I have strong objections to what McCarthy did as well as to some things that are being done in the name of “security” to ordinary law abiding Americans that either exercise their 1st Amendment Rights or violations of Habeas Corpus. Likewise those that challenge the government on Constitutional grounds or oppose government policy are not criminals for simply speaking their mind or even revealing information that they know or have obtained if that information shows that the government is disregarding the Constitutional Rights of American citizens. As far as the Wiki-Leaks that is another matter. They are a foreign extra-governmental organization that claims to be a “whistle blower” but has at their core an anarchist ethos which is equally dangerous to democracies. The stated intent of the Army soldier that leaked much of this information was to create global anarchy. I’m sorry but global anarchy is really bad for democracies especially in times of worldwide economic crisis and political instability. Anarchy breeds tyranny one only has to look at the Weimar Republic to see that. Honestly in some cases all governments have a need to keep some secrets simply because there are many nations that would use absolute transparency to do great harm to democratic societies. Wiki-Leaks is not using free-speech tactics despite what they say, instead they are using the propaganda methods of terrorists and insurgents that are aimed at creating anarchy and promoting exactly what they say they are against. If you want a police state anarchy will get you there faster than about anything.

      • John Erickson

        You want no secrets, Penguin? Fine – please post your SS#, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. If you think 100% openness in international dealings is good, you need to study your history. And where do civil rights violations mesh with national security or personal privacy? A little less dismissive attack, and a little more discussion would be a LOT more respectful than a childish, slanderous attack on a person pointing out the value of confidentiality, or privacy, or whatever you want to call it. While you may wish for an ideal (and impossible) world without secrets, I’d rather have our soldiers safe, our national policies unrevealed to our enemies, and my personal information private. Sorry you see that as so difficult!

  2. I might not agree wholeheartedly with what you’re saying about Wikileaks and Julian Assange being the enemy, but you do touch on an important point: When it comes to the war on terror you can either be involved or committed.

    The same holds true for bacon and eggs at breakfast: The hen is involved, but the pig is committed.

    I think what you’re seeing is the US not really in it to win it. If they were in it to win it then it would already be over. Wikileaks is in some ways a symptom of not wanting to be committed.

    The question then becomes who (or whom) has been encouraging the US to not want to win. My opinion (and 2 cents) was that the War on Terror could have ended in 2003 or 2004 if someone in a leadership position had grown a set, instead of posing in front of a banner on the TR.

  3. I stand corrected. The Abe it was.

  4. John

    “the United States are the Good Guys”
    You think that because you are American, who doesn’t think their country are the good guys?

    “Be assured that there is a reason that they don’t mess with the Russians, very simply Putin would have them hunted don and killed one by one.”
    Wikileaks will also be releasing documents about Russia. Get your facts right.

    “but this guy is evil and ugly to boot, he probably couldn’t get a date with a good looking American girl and is still pissed at us.”
    So what if you think he’s ugly? What does that have to do with the matter at hand?

    One more comment: you are inciting people to commit murder. Nice work for a so-called priest.

    • padresteve

      I love you to. We still are the good guys despite all of our faults. If you cannot note the literary device that I used about this you are really an imbecile. I was over the top intentionally with the references to “whacking” and his ugliness. Get a life and grow up. Wiki-Leaks supposedly wants to release stuff on Russia but they won’t because they know that they know that Putin will not kid around about “whacking them.” The come after us because they know that we will use due the process of the court system as well as international law. My facts are straight yours are not. Pack sand.
      Padre Steve+

    • padresteve

      Even though you are in France you sound like some kind of expat, be assured Wiki-Leaks has no love for the French either and the French if necessary would whack him too.
      Padre Steve+

    • padresteve

      Even though you are in France you sound like some kind of expat, be assured Wiki-Leaks has no love for the French either and the French if necessary would whack him too.
      Padre Steve+

    • John Erickson

      John- I’ll give you that every country thinks they are the good guys. However, with very few notable exceptions, most countries are very introverted. America may have the inherent failings of its’ British-Empire-helps-all heritage, but at least we are trying. As to the release of documents about Russia, the key word is ABOUT. Putin will let that fly, because it would be too obvious if he had the Wikileaks personnel “whacked”. Now let them invade the Kremlin’s files, and release some of those, and Mr. Assange’s lifespan will be measured in seconds. (I’ll bypass the ugly commentary, ’cause I’m on the losing end of THAT argument!) Finally, with the greatest respect to our host and modern-day folk of the cloth, more people have been killed at the order of religion than civilian authority throughout history. The various Crusades pop to mind. My apologies, Padre, I mean no insult – I have nothing but respect for modern day clergy. But religion in general, and the Muslims and Roman Catholics in particular, have rather grisly histories. I have to say, John, as insults go, attacking Padre Steve for suggesting “whacking” Mr. Assange is a poor shot at best. I suppose you would better approve of the folk from Westboro Baptist Church, the in-bred incestuous family using the title “church” as a tax and legal dodge to thank God for our dead soldiers? They not only regularly ask God to kill noble and self-sacrificing soldiers, but harass grieving family members in the process. Great role model there!
      (Thank you for your patience, Padre, I turn in my soapbox back to you!)

      • padresteve

        Thank you friend, no offense taken the church and most other religions have much in their past and sometimes the present that that they need to repent of and try to make right.

  5. Brian

    Out of curiosity, do you think we should “whack” those responsible for intentionally outing Valerie Plame?

    And I’m not necessarily defending WikiLeaks here, but I think a lot of the anger towards them is misdirected. If you bothered to check their history, they’ve outed various agencies around the world. So I doubt this is some personal mission of Assange’s against the U.S. (comparing him to bin Laden….really?)

    I could go into the various reasons why had we not stepped foot into Iraq in the first place a lot of this would be a non-issue but hey, nevermind that.

    And mind you, much like the terrorists you compare him to, should we actually be stupid enough to kill him, five would spring up in his place.


    • padresteve

      I am no fan of those that outed Valarie Plame. They did that with wrong intent to take us into Iraq and all involved need to be prosecuted. As far as my use of the term “whacked” and what I followed it with, see my response to John in France. I purposely used over the top language to get a response. I want the accused rapist in charge of Wiki-Leaks prosecuted for that as well as what he is doing in regard to the latest leaks. See I have a fair number of Iraqi friends that I worry about who have put their own lives in jeopardy by working with us. I also see the results of war every day. What Assange is doing has few good outcomes and puts innocent people’s lives in danger. He seems more bent on anarchy than justice and out of anarchy flows tyranny. I don’t disagree with you about going into Iraq. I think that it was a big mistake and that the legal basis was tenuous at best. I do appreciate your comments and wish you well.

      One last thing my rant in this post was modeled on William Shatner’s character Denny Crane in Boston Legal.
      Padre Steve+

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  7. Jimmy Hernandez

    Really Padre? Whacked? Shame on you. It’s hardly a surprise to see religious radicals calling for the execution of journalists that publish things that portray them, their country, or their religious sect in a bad light, however, usually these are Islamic Fundamentalist TERRORISTS. These people are rightfully renounced by rational, sane, moral people, regardless of which political party or ideology they subscribe to, so it saddens me to see someone like yourself effectively becoming a Christian radical Terrorist, and doing exactly the same thing.

    I’m pretty sure with even the slightest bit of introspection and thought, it should be obvious that neither Christ, nor our founding fathers, wouldn’t have approved of “whacking” people who engaged in political speech. Given that you are a Navy serviceman, you are sworn to protect our country and our constitution, and given you are a priest, you are sworn to preach the word of Jesus Christ, so unless our savior is one of these “namby pamby” priests you are referring to, then I have never seen one person sell out the ideals they have sworn to protect so thoroughly in my entire life. I realize that your comments are somewhat glib and perhaps not meant to taken completely literally, but calling for a man to be murdered is a serious crime, both in the eyes of both man’s and God’s law. Next time maybe take a moment and consider how Jesus treated those that spoke ill of him.

    • padresteve

      Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy from the University of Wisconsin

      You certainly have no clue nor understanding of me using over the top hyperbole in writing. The post was modeled after William Shatner’s character in Boston Legal, Denny Crane. All I want is Mr Assange to be arrested and prosecuted, no serious person could assume that I would actually want Mr Assange killed, someone may do it to him but it will likely be some agents of some despotic ruler overseas that will put the hit on him. I don’t want anybody killed, I’ve seen too much dying and unfortunately if Mr Assange had his way the anarchy that would ensure would get lots of innocent people killed and result in tyrannies toppling democracies.

      So Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy from the University of Wisconsin please know that you jumped all over me and made all sorts of nasty comments about me without having either the inquisitiveness to ask “why is this guy so over the top?” or he’s a Priest and Navy officer he can’t be serious. You could have at least asked.

      By they way I am also the kind of Priest that stands up to White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis and been threatened with bodily harm by them. I’m the kind of Priest that criticizes the TSA and other government agencies when they trample civil liberties and religious extremists of a wide variety of persuasions. I’m the kind of Priest that will defend the rights of Moslems, Wiccans and Pagans. I’m the kind of Priest that believes that homosexuals can be Christians and should have rights and protections under the law to include not being bullied by Christians. If you had bothered to look at the other 680 or so articles on this site you might have figured it out. Instead you took on one post where I went over the top and treated me like a criminal.

      And by the way one of my heroes of the faith Dietrich Bonhoeffer was involved with the plot to kill Hitler, some namby pamby types criticize him for this but I don’t. There are sometimes that clergy have to support things that normally we wouldn’t.

      I certainly harbor no ill will or motivation to you in your criticism of me, but my goodness before you use the shotgun blast take a look at the rest of what I stand for. I am a Passionate Moderate who will not cede ground to extremists of any kind and as a result I get attacked from all points of the compass.

  8. John Erickson

    (In best John Wayne imitation) Well, Padre, it looks like ya got a lotta people mad at ya.
    (Switch to Curly) You’re just a victim of coicumstance!

    And in my own voice (so to speak) , despite the fire I showed above, I do have to agree with the Padre, and remind the other fiery responders that this was SUPPOSED to be taken tongue-in-cheek! I mean, I know it’s a touchy topic, and calling for somebody to be killed isn’t the best of comedy, but WOW! Now I know where global warming is coming from – awful lot of heat directed toward the Padre!

  9. read the email address

    You are really, really stupid.
    Yes, you are.

    • padresteve

      Scott or whatever from Rome,
      Is that the best you can do? Please read other comments where I have responded to some people that while they got me incredibly wrong can do better than that lame attack. Denny Crane.

    • John Erickson

      Ah yes, the typical Internet poster. Hides his Email address, makes no discussion points whatsoever, just goes right to the personal attack, and with incredibly unimaginative insults. That’s why I love the Internet and especially forums like this. No matter how bad the pain, no matter how many painkillers I take, no matter how spaced I get, I can ALWAYS rely on there being thousands upon thousands of people out there willing to show off such minuscule intellects and inconceivably tiny vocabularies, that I feel like a towering intellect! (‘Course, having actually graduated high school and having a drugged IQ larger than my shoe size helps!)

  10. Christopher

    padresteve, I have to say that you are stupid, like read the email address said.

    The fact is that Assange is doing NOTHING worse than the New York Times and other organizations did with outing the Pentagon Papers and Watergate, as well as other numerous things in the past.

    It’s time to realize that these people are heroes who are taking government to task for having way too much secrecy and for lying to the American people on numerous occasions.

    These people are the epitome of heroes, and I think that if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were still alive, they would agree and would be calling for heads to roll in the United States government over the lies and fabrications.

    • padresteve

      You really are clueless. This is not the Pentagon papers and you it. Assange is not any kind of impartial journalist, he is an accused rapist that refuses to go to Sweden to stand trial. He uses the cover and language of righteous to disguise his real real motivation and that motivation is anarchy. You know nothing of Washington or Jefferson either. They were pragmatic in dealing with foreign states and did not think that the people needed to know everything in those terms. They would on the other hand turn in their graves about the many domestic abuses committed by government agencies and what passes for democracy in the country. I am a civil libertarian and advocate of a strong and free press that holds the government accountable. However Assange is neither. If the rape charge is true, and since he has been running from Sweden for quite some time one has to believe it is he is a criminal and thug that abuses women. He is a man that cannot be criticized because he and his supporters such as you believe that he is some kind of saint or in your words a hero. You cheapen the term “hero” when you apply it to this thug. People like you are naive and total transparency is good for all concerned and it is not. Our diplomats and military do much to protect innocents from repressive regimes and leaking diplomatic and military cables endangers those people by exposing them to the people that would kill them.

      These cables have little to due with American government “lies.” Having diplomats make confidential assessments and keep secrets in regard to foreign competitors and real enemies is no crime and that shows just how shallow and insipid your arguments are and am castigated frequently for being a “liberal” or even a “Marxist.” I’m very concerned about liberty in tis country all in favor of holding our government and leaders to account, just read this site, I come down on the side of civil liberties every time and frequently criticize the government and politicians. I just don’t see Mr Assange as any kind of journalist or paragon of virtue and se his way of doing business as dangerous for any number of reasons. You almost want to make me start quoting Nathan R. Jessup, in fact I will. “You want the truth! You can’t handle the truth.! Our diplomats that have been exposed and endangered by Assange are heroes and we need them doing what they are doing every day. Even the New York Times says so.

      Mind you also that you seem to forget the fact that I intentionally went over the top in this article as a literary device. If you are going to call me stupid and say imbecilic things at least bother to read the bulk of my work before doing so.

      So before you take the time to sound like an idiot on this site remember two words” Padre Steve+

    • John Erickson

      Christopher- Just a nice, neutral suggestion, and one I would hope all the other attack Emailers will heed. If you want to criticise somebody, I’d say go ahead, I think the Padre can take it. But try to use a fact or two, rather than going to the kindergarten playground for your vocabulary. If you MUST call someone stupid, use facts to do so. For example:
      1. At the absolute minimum, Mr. Assange and Company are guilty of trafficking in illegally obtained government documents.
      FACT. Can’t argue that, ’cause the military is pursuing charges against the traitor who leaked the documents.
      2. Wikileaks is endangering our soldiers by publishing information about unit deployment locations and strengths, thus giving aid and comfort to the enemy – commonly called being TRAITORS.
      FACT. Corroborated by documents on Wikileaks website, old and new.
      I won’t waste further space, because you can see which way I’m leaning, but you see how the facts make an argument look so much better? Then again, I am truly amazed by how “light” with the facts most people can be. And that, Chris makes you IGNORANT – as in uneducated. That’s what you should call the Padre, if absolutely necessary. STUPID? Tell ya what, let’s you, me, and the Padre compare IQ tests and education levels. I hate to say it, Chris, but something tells me you’d finish a poor third. (I’ll be humble, Padre, and let you take 1st place!) So check your facts, Chris, then you can let go with all the invective you can manage. And remember, keep smiling!