Hear the Good News!

And the Lord Saith until His Disciples…

       The Deaf hear…

            The Lame walk…


But Judas said? What shall the deductible be? 

But the Lord reproached his money hungry disciple saying: 

Truly I say to you none has given up their ride who will not inherent a new and better car, maybe even American made car in heaven.  And the disciples were amazed for they never believed that they would have more than one Accord, which they shared. 

As they murmured the Lord noticed their murmuring and said: No one who has given up his Harley or BMW for My sake will unrewarded by My Father in Heaven as he scored a deal on high end High end SUVs and Sports cars. 

Thus ends the reading. 

Thanks be to God.


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One response to “Hear the Good News!

  1. Um … sports cars are fine, but SUVs? Those should be your eternal damnation for foul automotive deeds in life. You know, like owning a Ford! 😀
    (Do you think they’d let me into Heaven if I revealed my sick perversion? I love .. (shudder) … station wagons! (Lady screams) Seriously – there is an Aussie car company, Holden – a part of GM – that build a modern, full-size wagon with a Corvette V-8! A-MEN! 😉 )

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