The Caine Mutiny: A Lesson in Leadership

I’ve been watching a number of older movies over this Memorial Day Weekend. Last night I watched A Bridge too Far and The Bridge at Remagen. Tonight I just watched The Caine Mutiny and I am trying to decide on the second feature. However, the Caine Mutiny is one of my favorite movies on leadership and the novel by Herman Wouk is amazing. This is an article from about 3 years ago that I wrote about this great film. Peace, Padre Steve+

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“Now you’re learning, Willie. You don’t support your captain because you like him; you support because he’s got the job or you’re no good!” Jose Ferrer as Lieutenant Barney Greenwald

I write this after seeing a number of officers do some really dumb things in my 28 year career in the manner in which they supported their commanders or chain of command in trying times.  While none of these incidents could be described as mutiny they were certainly acts which undermined the chain of command, endangered the mission and had they occurred in a combat zone or in emergent conditions could have gotten soldiers or sailors killed.  The Caine Mutiny is a classic on leadership either in book or movie form.  I prefer the book but I am captivated by the performances of Humphrey Bogart and Jose Ferrer. In this essay I go through the movie and book and illustrate…

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2 responses to “The Caine Mutiny: A Lesson in Leadership

  1. Daz

    If you’re looking for suggestions, Padre, I watched a trio last night, as it happens. Inspired by your articles on the Bismarck, I dug out a copy of The Battle Of The River Plate, then—bitten by the naval-movie bug—The Cruel Sea and In which We Serve.

  2. Have you ever seen the movie “Crimson Tide”? I’d be intrigued by your insights, if you have. I know the Navy didn’t care for the portrayal of nuke-sub officers butting heads, and I also know that some of the procedures are played a bit fast and loose, but I’m always fascinated by the “warrior too long a warrior” concept put forward in many places, such as my favourite ST:TNG Episode “The Wounded”.
    Hope you’re having a good weekend, my friend – pager and all. May it remain blissfully silent! 😀

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