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The Uncomfortable Legacy of Colonel General Ludwig Beck

I have been under the weather the past couple of days with a really nasty sinus infection that has totally sapped my strength. I have been wanting to write something dealing with the current situation regarding the Sexual Abuse scandals and other leadership crisis that seem to be overwhelming the military even as we continue to fight a war in Afghanistan, deal with challenges necessitated by budget cuts and the real threat of involvement in even other wars. I will get around to that, but one thing I do want to post is an older article about German Colonel General Ludwig Beck who died in the attempt to overthrow Hitler. I think that there are lessons for military professionals to learn from this, especially those that in a closed institution have become distanced from the people that the come from and Constitution that they are sworn to support and defend. Hopefully I will feel more like writing something new tomorrow or over the weekend. Peace, Padre Steve+

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“It is a lack of character and insight, when a soldier in high command sees his duty and mission only in the context of his military orders without realizing that the highest responsibility is to the people of his country.” Ludwig Beck

Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-C13564,_Ludwig_BeckLudwig Beck  Bundesarchiv Foto

This is one of those uncomfortable posts to write partially because I know that some people will take it completely wrong or ascribe meaning to it that I do not intend. I by training am a military historian, probably better at that than I am theology.  One thing that fascinates me in the study of military history is the actions of men in the face of evil and the meetings of such people at the intersections of where military and government policy intersect.  It is a timeless theme. The bulk of my study until the past few years was the German Army, particularly that…

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