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Stalingrad: Disaster on the Volga

Friends of Padre Steve’s World , I hope that if you live anywhere in the area do the United States affected by the Polar Vortex I hope you are able to stay safe and warm. On this cold night, with the really cold air to get here later I am re-posting an older article about the Battle of Stalingrad. The is partially because I have a hardware issue on my MacBook that has killed my wifi and I am doing this on my iPad. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the Apple store and hopefully they get my machine working again. I was planning on re-posting this article anyway but the problem with the computer made it convenient to do it tonight. For those who think that the cold we are experiencing is something, try to imagine being exposed to similar elements while surrounded, with very little heat, fresh water or food and under constant attack. Personally the last time that I was out for extended periods in weather this cold was on the Iraq-Syria border in December 2007. So have a good night and stay safe and warm. Peace, Padre Steve+

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Madonna of Stalingrad: Drawn by a German Chaplain and physician the piece was taken out of the city by one of the last officers to get out. It is now displayed in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin

Sunday the 31st of January marks the surrender of the remnants of the German 6th Army to the Soviets at Stalingrad. The focus of this article is on how the Germans and Russians fought the Stalingrad campaign. In particular it is an analysis of the way the governments and military’s of both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union planned and executed strategy during the course of the campaign adjusted to the situation and how the campaign ended. It is also a reminder of the price that ordinary soldiers can pay when a country commits them to war. I conclude with a potential modern application for the US and NATO in Afghanistan.


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