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“A Foreign World”: The High Cost of Coming Home from War

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
I am spending the day doing some work around the house and giving some well deserved attention to my wife Judy. In fact right now I am kid of taking a break waiting for the hair dye on her roots to set so I can do the rest in a few minutes.
So today I am re-posting something I wrote in January about coming home from war and how different things are for those who do, especially, those who are damaged in body, mind or spirit.
Alos, Judy has a blog called “The Abbey Normal Abbess” which I have a link to in my blog roll section in the center column. She is an amazing woman who has some really good things to say. She doesn’t write as much as me, but expect her to become more active. She is also a very gifted artist in a wide number of mediums, and maybe even some smalls and larges, but I digress…
I wish you all a happy Saturday full of peace and love,
Padre Steve+

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For me it began in February 2008 when on the way back from Iraq the military charter aircraft bringing us home stopped in Ramstein Germany. After a few hour layover we re-boarded the aircraft but we were no longer alone, the rest of the aircraft had been filled with the families of soldiers and airmen stationed in Germany. Just days before most of us had been in Iraq or Afghanistan. The cries of children and the intrusion of these people, not bad people by any means on our return flight was shocking, it was like returning to a world that I no longer knew.

I think that coming home from war, especially for those damaged in some way, in mind, body or spirit is harder than being at war. In that thought I am not alone. Erich Maria Remarque in his classic novel All Quiet on the Western Front wrote:

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