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Requiem of Empire: The Yamato Class Battleships

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One last re-run until I post some new material tomorrow. This one on the largest battleships ever constructed, the Yamato and Musashi of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Second World War. They were amazing as well as tragic ships, both sunk by U.S. Naval airpower, Musashi at the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944 and Yamato in a suicide mission to attack U.S. invasion forces at Okinawa in April 1945.
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Emperor Hirohito on Musashi in 1943

The is a long delayed installment of my series on Battleships. Previous were about the Battleships constructed under conditions of the London Naval Conference.  These have dealt with the British King George V Class, FrenchDunkerqueandRichelieuClasses, ItalianVittorio VentoClassand the American North CarolinaandSouth Dakota ClassesI then wrote an introduction to the Post Treaty Super-Battleships. This article is the first in that series which will include articles on the GermanBismarckand Tirpitz, British Vanguardand AmericanIowa Class.

They were the largest and most heavily armed battleships ever built. Shrouded in secrecy by the Imperial Japanese Navy and Government the ships were designed to offset projected American numerical superiority. Their names were symbolic of Japan’s history. Yamato was named after Yamato Province, the ancestral home of the Yamato People, the dominant…

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