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The First Aircraft Carriers Part One: The First American Flattops- Langley, Lexington and Saratoga

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As I am using this weekend to catch up on a few things, and to rest and regroup, here is another old article about the first aircraft carriers that served the U.S. Navy. None were initially designed as carriers but they helped pave the way for the carrier force that drove the Imperial Japanese Navy from the Pacific in World War II and have been a facet of U.S. Military and diplomatic power ever since. Have a great Sunday. Now down to my chapel…
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saratoga aircraft approach for landingAircraft over Saratoga

Note: This is the first in a series on the early aircraft carriers.  Two others will follow on the British and Japanese carriers.  My dad was a Chief Petty Officer in Naval Aviation.  As such I grew up around Naval Air Stations, Squadrons and of course Aircraft Carriers.  My dad retired off of the USS Hancock CVA-19 in 1974.  I spent two weeks underway on USS Coral Sea CV-43 as a NJROTC Cadet in the summer of 1976.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  While on the Cruiser USS Hue City CG-66 we deployed with the USS John F Kennedy CV-67 for Operation Enduring Freedom.  There is something about the power and majesty of the modern carriers at the same time there is a sense of timelessness in the first aircraft carriers.  Three of the first four American ships were converted from other platforms. …

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