Wacht am Rhein: The Battle of the Bulge

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Seventy years ago today the regime of Adolf Hitler launched it’s final offensive in the west. Stripping the Eadtern Front of all available resources Hitler reconstituted his shattered forces on the Western front for a do or die offensive that he hoped would split the Allies. The result was the Battle of the Bulge.
While there are many things that I could write about tonight I cannot forget the sacrifice of the men who fought Hitler’s legions to a standstill in the Ardennes. Today the youngest veterans of that battle are almost 90 years old. It is appropriate that we remember them.
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The Decision 


            Adolf Hitler gathered with the Chiefs of Oberkommando des Wehrmacht on September 16th 1944 at his “Wolf’s Lair” headquarters in East Prussia.  The situation was critical; he had recently survived an assassination attempt by Army officers led by Colonel Klaus Von Staufenberg at his Wolf’s Lair headquarters in East Prussia.  When the assassination attempt took place the German situation in Normandy was critical. The Americans broke out of the Bocage at St. Lo and spread out across Brittany and the interior of France with Patton’s 3rd Army leading the way.  Even as his commanders in the West pleaded for permission to withdraw to the Seine Hitler forbade withdraw and ordered a counter attack at Mortain to try to close the gap in the German line and isolate American forces. When the German offensive failed the German front collapsed. 40,000 troops, hundreds of tanks…

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