Wednesday Wanderings: Coming this Week



Well my friends,

It is this week, actually the middle of this week  and kind of a down day but not in a bad way. Currently I have our two Papillons , Minnie and Izzy having a war on the love seat next to me and I am watching some X-Files on DVD. I love that series, I have always loved agent Scully.

This week has been busy. We have a new class in at the Staff College and I am getting ready to take full charge of our Ethics elective dealing with ethics and war and the next iteration of the Gettysburg Staff Ride. Both of these efforts include a lot of research and writing. Tomorrow will be very busy as I have a couple of extra tasks dealing with a meeting for community service and a spouses orientation.

I am also getting ready for a trip to Houston to go to my church’s annual chaplain training symposium next week.

In the mean time baseball is back and I am happy. Hopefully until the last game of the World Series I will be wearing short pants and baseball jerseys and t-shirts whenever I am not in uniform. The other even more cool than baseball and short pants is the fact that I won my local Gordon Biersch Brewery College Hoops Bracket Challenge and came in tenth nationally. If I had just not believed the UNC would upset Wisconsin and Wisconsin would defeat Kentucky I might have won it all. However, I am content with my prize $200 of Biersch gift cards. Since it is the first time I have ever picked the winner of the NCAA tournament in bracket that I am happy. Thank you Duke Blue Devils who won it all. I had the gut feeling that you would.

But anyway I do digress…

I have a few things in the pipeline this week. I do hope that you liked the series about the Roman Centurion during Holy Week and we challenged by the articles about the Christian Right and the Unreconstructed Rebel, Jubal Early.

So in the next few days you will get an article about the surrender of Robert E. Lee and his army to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox which I will publish tomorrow. That really is an interesting story and something that I think all of us who are Americans, no matter what our political, ideological or religious leanings can learn from. It is a story about reconciliation evidenced in the lives of four men, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses Grant, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Ely Parker.

I have an article on Confederate general Richard Ewell which should appear soon and a number of other articles related to the Civil War and Gettysburg, Expect something on baseball and of course on Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey.

Anyway, there will be other articles as well depending on what is going on in the world or what strikes me as needing to be written about.

Have a great night,


Padre Steve+





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One response to “Wednesday Wanderings: Coming this Week

  1. Shirley Dundas

    Glad to hear you won something in that crazy tournament, but I was hoping Wisconsin would win. Also, being a Giants fan or Dodgers or Padres, I like their shirts and colors better. Thanks for the card (it never did get here). Anyway, have fun with the new dog, and everything else. Is Molly still there? Love Momps: I had a wonderful birthday and Easter.  

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