Rest in Peace Yogi


You can observe a lot just by watching…

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When turned on my iPhone this morning in Munich I learned of the death of the great Yogi Berra. Truthfully it is hard for me to believe that Yogi has passed away, somehow, I never imagined the day that the world would be without this wonderful, yet humble and self depreciating great.

I saw hi once in person at an old timers game at Anaheim Stadium back in 1970. There were a lot of greats at that game including Joltin Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. Too bad when I was ten years old I didn’t think to get their autographs, and of course that was well before kids had the ability to take selfies without killing their candy budget on film and development.

Yogi Berra has always been an inspiration to me, especially in the way that he made the English language far more entertaining than it really is.

I can’t post much tonight as I have to get up early for a day trip with Judy to Nuremberg, but even so I could not go without saying something about Yogi. After all, it ain’t over until it’s over.

Until my next non-pre-scheduled post…


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