Reading, Writing, and Brexit 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today I am posting a short thought since I have been very busy at work this week with a new class on deck at the Staff College, and continuing to do more research and writing on my Civil War and Gettysburg text. Within the context of my research and writing I am going to be posting some new material this weekend, but I have not decided if it will be in portions of the updated text or in short articles dealing with selected ideas and topics. 

Before those are posted I probably will be posting something on the results of the British referendum to remain in or leave the European Union. Since what happens in the United Kingdom and Europe matters a great deal to the United States and the world, in both economic and security matters it is important. Likewise, since I have a good number of friends in the U.K., as well as the fact that my ancestry is predominantly Irish, Scottish, and English I have a personal interest. 

While I can understand the reasons that many people, especially in England as opposed to Scotland and Northern Ireland are voting to leave the E.U., I do fear that a vote to leave the European Union could lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom, something that I think would be bad for all concerned, for as history shows, the breakup of nations, states, and political unions seldom brings about more liberty or stability. There are a few exceptions to this, but again, they are exceptions. But whatever the result of the referendum, it will be historic and it will not end the debate. 

So, I will finish my beer and get ready to go to bed. Until tomorrow, have a good night and a better day. 


Padre Steve+

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One response to “Reading, Writing, and Brexit 

  1. Ian Stewart

    Dear Padre Steve,
    Last night, I followed the referendum returns on the BBC (via my computer) and was fascinated at how the lead would change from one side to the other – it was that close. Having said that, it was clear that the majority of England (except for London and the other major cities) were in favor of leaving the EU. I had to go to bed before the returns came in from from most of the boroughs of London, Manchester, Birmingham, etc came in, so this morning, I was stunned when my wife told me of the final results. I felt for sure the remain side would have carried the day.
    I share your concerns about the UK remaining intact. I’m sure the Scottish National Party (SNP) will keep a close watch of things in Scotland and if the mood of the people is such, they’ll call for another referendum to leave the UK and join the EU as an independant Scotland.
    I’ve been reading online articles written by Irish commentators and it seems Northern Ireland could follow the Scots. The question for Northern Ireland is whether to become an independant country or join the Republic. Given its large Protestant population, I suspect NI would go the independence route.
    I fully understand why the majority of the English working class voted to withdraw from the EU and I sympathize with their position. However, I fear they have opened Pandora’s Box.



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