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Running and Writing My Way through the Dog Days of Summer 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Not much to write about today, well actually there is but I needed to take a break for the night. We are in what some people refer to the Dog Days of Summer, the month of August. For a lot of people August seems to drag, the late summer heat seems to take something out of a lot of people. I’m a little bit tired today, but part of that is that I have started running again after about two years trying to play around at the gym, which did nothing for me. I have always liked running, but after I broke my leg back in 2012 foolishly tried other ways to keep in shape, and curtailed my running. Mind you the injury had nothing to do with running, so I am back hitting the pavement. Friday I ran for the first time in about a year or more, 3.2 miles at a slow 10 minute mile pace, and today 3.6 miles at the same pace. The first half of today’s run was painful, my legs felt like lead, but as I kept going it got easier and I felt good when it was all over. But that is normal for me, even when I was young, the first mile to mile and a half has always been harder than what follows. So I will continue to run. I may not get back up to half-marathon level, but I’ll throw in a 10K once in a while. 

As always I am continuing to write on my vast Civil War project, and right now I am focusing on what will be the second book, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: Race, Religion, Ideology, and Politics in the Civil War Era. It is a challenging subject because there is just so much there to dig into as religion butressed racial attitudes, economic theory, domestic politics, and even foreign policy from the 1830s onward; and truthfully we haven’t completely left it behind, which makes the study of it so pertinent today. 

But anyway, I didn’t feel like writing about politics today, frankly I needed to take a break from it today, so when I got home I just watched the Olympics with our younger Papillon, Izzy snuggled against my leg as a drank a beer.

So until tomorrow, have a great night. 


Padre Steve+ 

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