When Your Vote Will Not Count


Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I wasn’t planning on publishing another article today but this worked me up.

I returned from Germany on Saturday and got my mail today. Among the things I got was my absentee ballot from West Virginia. I opened it and marked it and then found this note. Evidently someone there knowing that I am military and a registered Democrat has challenged my right to vote. Chances are that the person who did this does not know me but rather is a GOP hack who is trying to suppress my vote.

In the last six years West Virginia has made it progressively harder for active duty military personnel to vote. In 2012 i almost was not allowed to vote because I didn’t know that the legislature had changed the law and now require those requesting absentee ballots to request one in every election, if you forget to request one, you don’t vote.

Today I will contact the County Clerk’s office, the Secretary of State office, my State Representative, the Governor, the Democratic Party of West Virginia as well as a number of military and veteran voters organizations. I may even have to get a lawyer. This is voter suppression. An unknown person or entity can challenge your vote and you cannot know who it is or even if your vote counted until after the election.

It’s a foretaste of our totalitarian future of the present bunch of Republicans led by Trump gets power.

I thought that you should know just what power hungry Republicans are willing to do to suppress the vote, even the vote of career active military people who are combat vets simply because they are Democrats. If you are an active duty military person who is a Democrat you had better make sure that your state count’s your vote.

This is war and I won’t go down and let my vote be tossed aside without being heard.

Padre Steve+



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7 responses to “When Your Vote Will Not Count

  1. Padre,

    Do you mind if I forward this article to my representatives. This really ticks me off as well.


  2. Man, is this ever a “dirty tricks” kind of election…

  3. Bill McReynolds

    Suppressing the vote! And, that’s pretty brazen being right up front about it like this. But, at this point I’m not sure there are any limits to how far the supporters of that crazy man will go. It’s really starting to make me nervous about what these people may do when he loses… let alone the thought of what will happen if he actually wins the election. Vigilance. And it really is starting to look more and more like a war. Hopefully your decisive actions will prompt an investigation and will at least help to stomp out this nest of ‘cockroaches’, there Padre.

    • padresteve

      I know Bill, God help us if they win, God help us if they lose. They are not normal and this GOP is not the party of Lincoln, TR, Ike, Reagan, the Bush’s, or even Barry Goldwater. They are unhinged from all reality

  4. Shirley Dundas

    Hard to believe. Hang in there.

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Ian Stewart

    Dear Padre Steve,
    It’s bad enough the Repubs have efforts afoot to suppress the votes of African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities. To do it to an active duty service member is really the lowest. It would seem their much vaunted patriotism includes sticking it to those that are defending them. Disgusting!

    If you find you can’t get a fair shake on this matter and want to move your home of record, you might consider Vermont. When it comes to voting, we do things the right and fair way – paper ballots for example. The Dems control the State Legislature so Repub hanky-panky is kept under control.

    One thing you should be aware of however. Since the possibility of Trump actually winning the Presidency has become a possibility, two groups have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence here in the Green Mountain State. They’ve been around for a while, but went dormant during the Obama years. That seems to be changing. One group advocates for seceding from the Union and reestablishing the Republic of Vermont while the other wants Vermont to become the Canada’s 11th province. If you were to become a Vermonter, I don’t think either action would be looked upon favorably by The Navy or DoD and might have have a negative affect on your military career. Something to think about while shopping for a snow blower (required equipment up here). 😉

    Best of luck in your fight.



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