Hurricane Matthew and the “Judgment of God” 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Tonight a short update about our situation and some comments about what some supposedly “Christian” people and pundits are saying about Hurricane Matthew which when all is said and done may be one of the most destructive weather events of past century. 

First, our situation. We have a new car and the vehicle that was totaled yesterday was towed off today. We had our Mustang looked at and thankfully it was not totaled and we should have it back sometime next week. Likewise I was able to do some more work to seal up our living room and hopefully keep any groundwater out in future storms. I have more work to do on this but I think we are now in a better place than we were a few weeks ago. 

Now as for Hurricane Matthew. This is really an ugly storm. As he goes up the east coast of Florida he will be a category four or maybe even a category five storm. Matthew will hit areas of Florida that have not been hit in decades. The damage potential and the potential loss of life from Matthew is something that we have not seen in a long time. I am praying for my friends and relatives in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. This is not good. Thankfully President Obama has already declared a disaster which will speed federal assistance to the areas, and all of the governors are doing the right thing, bit even so there will be people who either cannot get out or in some cases decide to stay for the thrill of it all. 

But even worse are the supposedly “Christian” pundits and preachers who are calling Matthew “God’s judgement.” Of course for them the reason that this storm is God’s judgment is because of the Gays, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Of course if Matthew is God’s judgment, which I sincerely doubt, then why the hell isn’t God targeting areas with majorities of gays and liberal Democrats? The fact is that Matthew is targeting counties in the southeast that are majority Republican and if you look at religious democratics heavily conservative and evangelical Christian. So if you are a Christian rooting for Matthew to be an instrument of God’s judgment on the Gays and the Democrats than you better make sure that God can hit his target and not your friends, allies, and dare I say your Christian brothers and sisters who are in the path of this storm. But then the sociopathic fundamentalist ideologues who promote this tripe in the name of the Christian faith have no honor, no empathy, and I would dare say are apostles of evil. 

Of course let’s talk about the college dropout but expert in everything, Rush Limbaugh. Rush said today that hurricanes are something made up by liberals and in the process went into full attack mode against real scientists. But then Rush reflects the anti-intellectual and unscientific base of his listeners, many of whom are in the path of Matthew. I’m sorry, but in no other first world country would such bullshit be rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts. My European friends are aghast at the anti-intellectual and anti-scientific attitudes of so many Americans. 

But at the end of the day we have to face reality. Millions of people are evacuating in the face of a massive storm that has the potential to kill many people and destroy billions of dollars worth of property; the property of decent, hard working people, to include homes and businesses. 

I don’t know about you, but honestly I have major problems saying that God is creating Matthew just to punish Gays and people who support Hillary is abhorrent. Such thinking shows an ignorance of the Bible and the Christian faith in which disasters, natural or human, were directed against God’s disobedient people, especially self-indulgent clergy living high on the hog that ignore the plight of the poor, not against unbelievers or pagans. On only has to read Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon to get an idea what I am talking about. But then, fidelity to the actual teachings of scripture is less important to such people than cherry picking verses to support their hatred of other people. 

Anyway. It has been a long day. I’m tired and I wish all of you well, especially anyone in the target zone of Hurricane Matthew. Please be safe. 


Padre Steve+ 



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5 responses to “Hurricane Matthew and the “Judgment of God” 

  1. Pinky

    This is from a pastor of grace-God does not send storms,

    He says, “peace be still” to them.

    Look at Jesus to see the Father. Mark Hicks

  2. Shirley Dundas

    Could not get this.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. What if the hurricane really is divine punishment–for the sin of denying the scientific reality of climate change? That’s not too far from the truth.

    • padresteve

      That would make more sense, but I would say it is not the judgment of God but the law of consequences for our own actions.

  4. Being convinced about the why, how, when God punish peoples. How easy to blame God for punishment for the things peoples don’t agree with.
    And yes, as a Dutch citizen, as a Roman Catholic, I never can/could understand that twisted way of thought.

    Why not be constructive: God helps those that help themselves.
    In my opinion it is not about why these things happen, it is about how we deal with them.

    I want to ask you a question:
    You might consider it a bit inappropriate at this time.
    If it is: I am sorry and if you won’t answer this part of my comment, I will understand.

    However if you want to answer the question is this:
    As I see on Dutch, British, German new, CNN etc. things like those hurricanes happen in the US and I see those forces of nature there is something I don’t understand.

    In general:
    Why are many houses in the US not build to last?
    Why are a lot of electricity lines above ground and not underground?
    Why hardly have any preventative measures in place particular in regions that are vulnerable for flooding, or earthquakes, storms and hurricanes.
    Those measures won’t prevent all damage but it would at least limite the damage profoundly and most importantly would safe lives.

    In the Netherlands we are more on prevention, ofcourse what water is concerned, but also on other things, not connected with water.

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