Trump Wins and I Say Goodbye for Now 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

The unimaginable has happened. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Since I have already received death threats for his White Supremacist supports going back to 2010 I realize that there is no place left for me in this country. 

Beginning today I will be preparing to retire from the Navy as I can no longer in good conscience say that I can obey the orders of a man who has said that he would order American military personnel to commit war crimes, nor could I obey a Commander in Chief who has already promised to roll back the civil rights of anyone who disagrees with him. As such I will not allow myself to become a willing conspirator to crush the civil rights of millions of people just to keep my job. As a historian as well as someone who has committed himself for 35 years of military service, I cannot do that. I know that there are many people in the military who disagree with me, but I have to be true to my understanding of the Constitution. 

It will probably take me longer than when Trump takes his oath as President to get ready to leave the country, but beginning today that is what I have to look forward to, to be exiled under the threat of death, or to be jailed or killed for my beliefs. As a historian I know what happened to the German military officers who opposed Hitler before he took power and if I can help it I’m not going to let that happen to me. 

As far as what I write here on this site, I most likely will not be posting that much until I have retired from the military and gotten out of the country. I hate having to do that, but I have little choice in the matter now. 

So until whenever, I wish you all the best.


Padre Steve+ 


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18 responses to “Trump Wins and I Say Goodbye for Now 

  1. Bill Ramsey

    Wishing you and yours all the best and Godspeed Padre Steve! Thanks for eloquently sharing all your amazing experiences, insights, and observations!

  2. Daz

    Until then, Padre. And good luck.

  3. Reblogged this on We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident and commented:
    Padre Steve, you sound like a man with a plan. Blessings to you and please keep us posted.

  4. Mark B.

    Padre Steve, I admire you for many things, your military service, your commitment to serve Christ, your changed views on faith and politics, your ability to connect history to our modern experiences, etc. BUT, you really need to chill for a while. I am shocked and saddened, too, But I’m not going to run off – neither are you. Wait and see how this shakes out. This may be one of those times when it HAS TO get worse before it gets better. You have my love and respect, Brother.

  5. God bless you, Padre. I haven’t spoken personally to you much, but you probably know from my reblogs that I’m a huge fan of your writing. I wish you all the best, and I fervently hope our country ends up taking a better path, someway, somehow.

  6. Kate Banks

    You’ll be very welcome in Europe Steve. Sad for the USA today

  7. Good luck – and I do hope for all your sakes that it turns out not to be quite as bad as expected!

  8. Godspeed. And thank you for your service.

  9. Karen Folkerts

    Please find a safe place to go. I’m afraid there will be few places left. Who knows what will happen in the Middle East now or states around Russia. I respect you and your feelings and wish you good luck. You are a very enlightened and loving man.

  10. Brian Skar

    Steve. Don’t leave. Decent patriot Christian Americans need you to stay and help us combat this demagogue and then pick up the pieces afterwards. You fear for your life. So do minorities and liberals across the country. This is a time for heroes. In your heart you know you are one. Whatever your decision I pray Gods blessing upon you

  11. Carolyn Wilhelm

    Stay. We need your strength and insight with those of us who continue to wrestle nonviolently for the soul of our country.

  12. Lawrence Holliday

    Steve, whatever your future holds you have gained the love and respect of so many of us who have benefited from your thoughts, your words, and your service. I join with others in wishing you and Judy, Godspeed! Please don’t lose contact with us, so that we can know how your plans progress.

  13. Bill McReynolds

    This morning we all discovered that this shit just got all kinds of real. Despite how horrible the president elect has proven himself to actually be, the American electorate just about always chooses individuals. Not policy. Giggling behind raised hands or giving a bemused head shake at the latest antics of the Circus Clown Presidential Nominee are always more amusing/entertaining than the preparation and promises of future sound governance, it seems. Celebrity gets the vote? Sad.
    Oh man, Steve… I can’t stand the thought of my last Navy EOD ‘Chaps’ (Before I retired) sailing off into the sunset with a Fair Winds And Following Seas. I always knew your active duty ‘expiration date’ was gonna happen pretty soon, but did not want to lose you completely. Hope you reconsider.

  14. Dave Mckay

    From New Zealand, I, we share your shock and anguish. I am so sorry, and cannot believe US has voted this deplorable human as their CIC. It’s almost as if all the awful things he served time and time again on a platter as a warning were just excused, he is inexcusable. sad does not touch how I feel. I like yourself worry about the safety of the services under this mans watch…and the safety of all of us in the world.

  15. Padre Steve, you are a man that wants to stay true tonyour faith to your country and its Constitution. That makes you the man you are.
    What I notice now is taking acrion from a person shocked to its core. From this point you want to take actions often not thought with some distance.
    What I mean, as someone already said in this post, take some rime to rethink with more calm.
    I do however can understand that your conscience can’t accept this ‘person’ as your CIC.
    Outside the army you still can do so much good. The US needs people like you more than you realise. Every little drop of reason counts to make a sea of common sense

  16. We in Australia would welcome you. The Repugnantans have the House, Senate, White House AND Supreme Court? OMG

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