I’m Back: Realism and Responsibility after the Election of Donald Trump 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World, 

Winston Churchill wrote: “Courage is is what it is to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” 

Last night I was in a state of shock regarding the election of Donald Trump to the office of President. I was despairing and I said that I was going to immediately put in my retirement papers and move to Europe. I did really mean it, and that may yet happen. But my wife Judy helped put things in perspective this morning and told me not to make any hasty moves. That allowed me to take a deep breath. I spent this morning alone in my office with the door closed. I pretty much stayed off social media and apart from checking my work e-mail and reading the comics I just sat back reflecting on what happened before taking the afternoon off and going to lunch. I needed to sit down and listen, and one of my older bar buddies showed up and he too helped me put things in perspective. 

During that time I saw a good number of comments posted to the blog and my Facebook account encouraging me to stay engaged and not to give up. Those were also helpful and while I have not answered any of them yet but I appreciate all of the kind words and thoughts. 

Now I am not happy with the results of the election and I am frightened at what Trump and his congressional majorities have promised to do. That being said now that the election is over I am committed to doing what neither he or congressional Republicans did for President Obama, I will give him a chance and treat him with the respect his office is due. I remember how badly President Obama was treated by Mitch McConnell, and if I thought it was wrong for him to be treated in such a manner, how could I be a part in doing that to anyone? even Donald Trump. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if you are a Democrat, being obstructionists will only worsen the party’s situation. We have to be mature and show that we can endure defeat with dignity and grace. 

The fact is, that whether or not progressives like me like it, he has been elected with majorities in both the House and Senate, and we cannot change that. That being said, if we want to be taken seriously we must work for the common good and then figure out what we really believe as progressives and how to win elections. It is not good enough to simply oppose Trump and the GOP; we have to enunciate a positive vision and then go back to basics and that includes being the party of decency and civility. 

As for now I will not be retiring or leaving the country, even though an old German friend is now begging me to move there and promising to help me. That still might happen, but not yet. 

So anyway, it’s time to take a deep breath and do the right thing for the country. We cannot afford for Trump to fail, if he fails it hurts all of us and we can’t afford for him to screw up. If he does, let it be his doing, not ours, and let his supporters take the blame for electing him. As Abraham Lincoln correctly observed: “Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they chose to turn their backs on the fire and burn their behinds, then they’ll have to sit on the blisters.” That may seem unpalatable, but it is reality, and I am the ultimate realist. I guess that’s why I’m still here. 

Until tomorrow. 


Padre Steve+ 



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6 responses to “I’m Back: Realism and Responsibility after the Election of Donald Trump 

  1. Bill McReynolds

    Glad to have you back in the wheelhouse! I’m almost positive that America has got some high winds and heavy seas ahead of it, man. Having a steady hand at the helm to follow and gain some perspective, (THIS Blog!) has most certainly helped to keep myself and so many others up to speed on both historical and current events. Your insight definitely helps to keep things moving forward.
    We need you man! So….. Steady as she goes, there Padre.

  2. Shirley Dundas

    Thank God. I’m sure Dad is smiling at that. We had to go thru a lot. Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Padre,

    Half of the people wanted Hillary and half of the people wanted this idiot to be President. I was one of them but I am still not so sure that he was the right choice. None of us can be sure today because both parties failed the people when they gave us the choice of baseball bat to the face or sledgehammer to the foot.

    Here we are and half are disappointed and the other half are very cautiously optimistic. I am so happy to read this article and I honesty say that I want my next vote for POTUS to be for you. You would be a great President and I really mean that in every way possible.

    PS. I get the moving to Germany thing. I love Germany. I would have gone to Canada long ago except for one very small detail. It is a long winter. If you go, I would get it. Maybe you could become the German Chancellor. That would be a win-win.


  4. Daz

    Damnit, I was half-hoping you’d visit Blighty on your travels. I’da bought you a beer! 🙂

    Anyways, mostly I’m just glad you’re okay.

  5. Shirley Dundas

    Praying you are feeling better and glad Jeff and others have been able to talk to you. I know that Dad would know what to make you feel better. We went through many terrible times. Hang in there. Hope you get this as some of mine can’t be sent by att server for some reason. I have to her something else. Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPad


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