I like Jesus Very Much, but…

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I returned from my extended weekend near Washington D.C. this afternoon looking at a world that seems to me to be headed for the abyss I was heartened to see my wife Judy sticking it to greedy and rude people, not that there is anything wrong with what she did. But truthfully, if there is anything that pisses me off more than anything it is the supposed Christians who are the loudest in proclaiming their devotion to Christ are the rudest, most disrespectful, and entitled people that I have ever seen. I think, what the hell, no wonder people are fleeing the church and want nothing the do with Jesus. As for me, like Pedro Cerano, “Jesus, I like him very much, but he no help with curveball.”

I hate to say that but it is true. The people who have the most bumper stickers, t-shirts, and voice the most platitudes about Jesus and his love are sadly some of the most despicable people that I have ever met. So this weekend at an event where a number of people were both the most hateful and entitled, all while holding their “faith” above others, I decided to wear t-shirts fro breweries and bars throughout the weekend.

I’m sorry to sound so harsh, but if your faith is founded upon demeaning others then the Jesus that you worship above all, who is no help with the curveball won’t help you. Being a rather merciful kind of guy I do hope that you have purchased your asbestos water-skies for your eternal vacation on the Lake of Fire, otherwise it will real suck if I read the Bible correctly.

Honestly, if I see a post by someone blaming whatever misfortune, be it a natural disaster, or war on some poor people who happen not to be of white European descent, or who do not meet the supposed moral standards of these Pharisees, will first excoriate them, and then block them from any social media interaction. I have reached the point that while they can post their shit anywhere else, but I will not allow them to do so here or any of my other social media sites. I won’t be a party to it. To do that is simply to be a party to evil masked as godliness, and I cannot do that. If John 3:16 only applies to some people then the hell with it. Again that may sound harsh but what were the earliest disciples of Jesus talking about? That is a rhetorical question so don’t even try to go there.

Anyway. It has been a long day and since my return home I have had enough to drink. So if you want to challenge me to a fight it will be fair, because I’ve had more than enough to drink.

But since when this is officially posted I will be awake after a full night of sleep, you might stand a chance.

So anyway, until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+


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10 responses to “I like Jesus Very Much, but…

  1. Bill McReynolds

    And, I’m definitely now adding another ‘P’ word to the Padre Steve moniker.
    Hmmmm…. “Pugnacious Padre Steve”.
    Yep, it’s gotta nice ring to it. I like it!
    (*ahem* ‘PPS’ ultimately won out over, ‘The Fighting Padre’).

    Keep doing it, and telling it like it really is, Padre!

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  3. Brian Skar

    The “God is punishing us card” can be played by anyone. Is God punishing us because so many are waving the Confederate flag, because we are embracing greed and materialism, because we are racist, because we are gluttons, pr because we elected Trump? Was The Great Depression our punishment of the Roaring Twenties? Was Vietnam our punishment for McCarthyism? Was Watergate the punishment for Vietnam? Was 9-11 our punishment for our arrogance and wealth excesses? Anyone who blames a disaster on anything that cannot be directly traced with empirical evidence as its cause is just foolish.

  4. Bill Ramsey

    As a somewhat devout Lutheran, I attend church as often as possible, read the Bible periodically, pray, and most importantly, strive to be kind, generous, forgiving, and thoughtful. I’m not always successful. Nevertheless, whenever I enter church, I always feel the weight of my sin and my unworthiness. I’ll always be amazed by Jesus sacrifice. I’m both puzzled and disappointed by those Christians who feel their faith gives them a sense of entitlement and superiority. They need to go back and read the New Testament repeatedly until they get it. Until many professed Christians begin to act more Christ-like on a regular basis, the Church will continue to experience an exodus.

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