Brewing “The Padre’s Pils”

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today I am taking a day of leave before I make my seemingly annual religious pilgrimage to Munich for the Oktoberfest so I can do some apprentice work brewing beer. A few months back I won a day with our brewer at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in Virginia Beach. When our brewer Adam Gurtshaw asked what kind of beer I would like to brew I said a very crisp, clear, German Pilsner, something like Wurzburger Hofbrau, Lichter Pils, Henninger Pils, Romer Pils, or Bitburger Pils. All are almost champagne like in their clarity and run between 5.0 – 5.8 percent alcohol; all are hoppy but are not over hopped, and each perfect beer to pair with almost any kind of food.

When I first was stationed in Germany in the 1980s I enjoyed a lot of really good beer, but I was always drawn to the pilsners. Over the years I always enjoy a good pilsner, not the crap that some of the big American brewers call pilsner. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lagers, some IPAs, certain dark or Stout types, as well as some wheat beers, but I find that there is something exquisite in a well brewed pilsner. Thankfully, Adam loves brewing pilsner and lagers so my request was met with favor. Besides that, all my Papillons, including Izzy who is in the picture with me love a good pilsner, even my 4.8 pound boy, Pierre who is as incorrigible as me when it comes to beer.

So today I’ll be at the brewery before they open and get to help Adam make what we will call The Padre’s Pils. Honestly I am thrilled as one of the things that I want to do when I retire from the Navy is to use part of my GI Bill to go to one of the universities, such as U.C. Davis that have a master brewing program. I think that would be incredible to do and I could join the long line of German, Belgian, and French priests and monks who have inspired so many people to appreciate good beer.

So wish me luck, and hopefully a month or so after we return from Germany you will be able to join me for the tapping. I promise to let you know when it happens.

So until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+


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5 responses to “Brewing “The Padre’s Pils”

  1. Bill McReynolds

    The Padre’s Pils? Wow, how cool is that?
    As a Home Brewer myself, I can tell you there’s probably a reason why all of those priests and monks in the Abbey’s have been brewing beer over the centuries. It’s straightforward work, rewarding, and fun!
    Enjoy the brew day and have a great time, Padre!

  2. Padre Steve, you have left Dutch province Limburg out!

    Limburg is famous in the Netherlands for its local beer. The known local brands of beer in limburg are:

    Alfa Beer (Schinnen)
    Brand Beer (Wijlre)
    Probatum (Horst)
    Mestreechs Blónt & Double Saison de Liège (Maastricht)
    Steinder Wit (Stein)
    Gulpener (Gulpen)
    Veldwachter & Rolduc abdij-bier (Beek)
    Hertog Jan (Arcen)
    Leeuwbier (Valkenburg)
    Lindeboom (Neer)
    Wieckse Witte, Vos & Maltezer (Maastricht)
    Zonnestraal & Avondrood(Sevenum)
    Christoffel (Roermond)

    These are the best known regionally. Adding numerous hobby brewers.

    Since I read your post I hardly ever have seen you as enthusiastic on something as this.

    Good luck with this new adventure in the realm of excellent beer brewing!

    • padresteve

      I haven’t traveled in the Netherlands as much as I have Germany. That being said I would love to spend some time seeming all the history and enjoying some good beer while I am at it!

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