Padre Steve’s World at a Decade

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

It’s hard to believe that I began this site as a blog, mainly to help myself speak out regarding my service in Iraq and subsequent PTSD. It was actually done at the suggestion of my first therapist, Dr. Elmer Maggard.

Most of the early posts were very personal of dealt with Baseball. I wrote about a lot of other things too, a lot of history, politics, and other commentary. As the site has evolved a lot of my historical posts have connected the past to the present day, and additionally given me inspiration to write and research other topics.

And yes, my PTSD, TBI, anxiety, physical ailments, and chronic insomnia still play a role, as do my relationships with my wife Judy, my Papillon dogs, and friends.

So until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+


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3 responses to “Padre Steve’s World at a Decade

  1. Larry Holliday

    Your contributions have been read by many more than you may realize, Steve. As one of your legion of readers, I often forward parts of your posts
    to others! I have benefited greatly from your frank and intelligent (as well as educated) observations over the years. hope you will continue to enlighten
    us for years to come!
    Best, Larry Holliday

  2. Scott M

    I only discovered your site about a year ago, and try to check in regularly. Thanks for the history lessons (I’d never heard of the White Rose Resistance) and the honest takes on current events. You help me avoid utter despair! Keep up the good work.

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