A Day of Preparation

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today has been as busy and tiring day as I have tried to get ready for Judy’s Second knee replacement surgery early. The effort was hindered and pushed back when my right knee gave out I fell down my porch last Thursday. It led to Judy doing a lot more of the work than she was expecting. Today I came home after work and did all I could before I pooped out to continue to get the house ready for when Judy returns from the hospital, most likely Sunday.

We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM and while she is probably either finishing surgery or in recovery I will be attending the funeral of our friend Mitch Vickers who died in his sleep last week. Then it will be back to the hospital for much of the rest of the day before I head home, let to puppies out and get back to work. I anticipate that I will complete what I can on Saturday with the expectation that she will be home Sunday. My knees hurt, my hip hurts, and my ankles hurt, but I got some work done. Eventually, I did some work on some materials I am writing for a sermon I will be delivering on the last day of Passover at a local synagogue where a friend is the Rabbi. The title is Lest We Forget: Walk, Remember and Bear Witness: Bearing Witness to the Holocaust when All who lived it Have Passed Away.

It will become my next book draft and deal with how history, memory, and walking those sacred places where the heinous crimes of the Nazis which beggar the imagination, the Holocaust was executed by Hitler’s SS, the army, the police, civilian Party and government offices, aided by the corporations that profited from the war and use of slave labor.

Eventually you will see portions of it here, although much has already been written due to my visits to those hallowed sites, and illustrated with my own photos and pictures from the era.

Pray for Judy, Mitch’s wife Barbara, and wish me well. By the way the puppies won’t be happy, because for a while they will be banned from sleeping with us. But such is life. By the way, Pierre says hello.

Until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+


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10 responses to “A Day of Preparation

  1. maryplumbago

    Your little dog is precious! Hope all goes well with surgery.

  2. Hang in there, and make sure you get some rest somewhere amidst all the chaos! Adorable puppy!!!

    • padresteve

      They are all wonderful puppies. All so different in personality. Minnie is the unrepentant brat, Izzy, the Police, Pierre, the spoiled security officer. Of course they are all spoiled.

      • Our babes are felines instead of canines, but much the same … each with a unique personality. As they are all rescue kitties, they have physical & emotional issues, so it’s rather like a zoo around here. We have an Izzy too!!! She is an autistic cat who runs from everyone. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them!

      • padresteve

        Minnie is our Autistic puppy, often much more like a cat in temperament

      • Awww … how special! I thought we were the only people in the world with an autistic fur-baby! 🐶 🐱

  3. Steven


    Don’t forget the French, Dutch, Belgians, Italians, and other Europeans—Eastern, Western, and Southern—that helped and abetted the Nazis in their systematic destruction of European Jews.

    And remember too, what the Jews of Europe never forgot—that Gypsies and other “outsider” ethnic minorities went to near-extinction, too.

    • padresteve

      I don’t forget them at all, I was just re-watching a Dutch film called Riphagen which deals with a criminal, collaborator, and his relationship with the SD and the Dutch Police in rounding up and sending the Jews to their deaths. So many examples from all over Europe.

  4. Steven

    It feels a bit strange to say “good” in reply on something like this, yet I feel pretty strongly that We as People seem to need to simplify and minimise ugliness—“Hitler killed…”, as if the man personally created European anti-Semitism and racial hatred, rather than drove and rode it to its extremist end.

    So…thanks for taking the time to reply in the midst of all your personal struggles.

    • padresteve

      You are welcome. People here don’t understand that things don’t just happen. It’s easy to blame Hitler but few don’t realize the centuries of European anti-semitism that paved the way to him.

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