A Brief Thought on Trump’s Condition

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Just a few short words before doing some work upstairs and going back to editing my book.

The White House is spreading so much disinformation right now it is harmful. The fact is that the worst symptoms don’t show up until a week to ten days after diagnosis, and the drug he is being treated with improved symptoms in hospitalized patients but has not been shown to keep people from dying of COVID19.

Dr. Conley said today that Trump he knew he was infected Wednesday and started treatment Thursday. This means that Trump went to multiple unmasked rallies and meetings Wednesday and Thursday in close proximity to people before he announced testing positive late Thursday night. This is indicative of what we all know to be a fact: Trump doesn’t care about anyone’s life, even those of his closest supporters. “Evil is the absence of empathy.” I Hope that he gets really sick and has to fight for his life, not that he dies but that he suffers, and after the worst is over that he becomes a “long hauler” so that he never forgets.

Until next time.


Padre Steve+




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17 responses to “A Brief Thought on Trump’s Condition

  1. Louis


    I feel you… but my friends that read your blog are saying that it is not very “Christian” of you to wish him to suffer. Me, being an atheist, I don’t care either way, but I tell my Xian friends that it is a religion that has a god who perpetrated genocide on a global scale, asked a man to kill his son and a religion that is most centrally predicated on human sacrifice, not to mention the homophobia, thumbs up to slavery and on and on…. so I don’t see what is un-Christian about wanting someone to suffer… maybe one can say vengeance belongs to god, but he apparently sends people to hell, so he is not one to be laying down the law on what constitutes no judging. Anyway, what say you to the charge that no one should wish another person to suffer or die (granted you said you didn’t want him to die), especially a Christian (though I know you are a different kind of Xian than most… which is why I like you.) 🙂 Thanks.

    • padresteve

      I’m sure that there are a lot of people, especially Christians who criticize what I say about wanting him to suffer. Suffering can be redemptive, it might even save his soul. But we have a generation of Evangelicals, including their leading ministers who don’t care about the suffering of others, actively support it and even support violence and death. Then when a Priest or minister they disagree with voices that he wants someone to suffer they act all pious. They are so damned hypocritical, and I simply believe in justice for all. By the way, I totally agree with you.

      • ajc

        Trump has made people suffer. Calling people who went to war and military losers. My dad served, went to war and my uncle was a prisoner of war. AND YET THE VETERANS LOVE HIM. These have a blessed day and fake pious religious make me sick. They are stupid and evil. Yes, I mean it. Sorry. And the stupid pervert bragged about molesting women and his gold furniture. While other people have to work 2 jobs to make it. What has infiltrated their brains? A virus? Now maybe they can get the other virus from their buddy Trump and get a little empathy for others. ajc

      • ajc

        The people who criticize what you say, should criticize Trump.

    • ajc

      You do know that the bible was written by man and the old testament is a lot of history seen through man’s eyes. I have a lot of problems with Abraham going out to sacrifice his son, not letting his wife know what he was going to do and then killing an innocent little lamb. And a lot of other stuff but if you read how and who wrote the bible, you would get it. I am not an atheist. This thing with Trump and his followers is scary. So many crazies and blind people. I had no idea. I thought they were the minority. The dishonest things they are doing to manipulate the election and the excuses they are using to do it. ajc Religion has always been weird and bad. Control freaks who control through fear and superstition. I am a follower of Christ but I no longer attend church. All Trumpettes.

  2. The behavior of Trump and his follower is disgusting.
    Barr, who is supposed to be quarantining has plastered a mask on his face finally and is out mingling with people. They have no shame.

  3. I share your thoughts, Padre … and I am called unfeeling, cruel, and more, but the bottom line is he did this to himself, and after his intentional bungling of the pandemic has caused more than 214,000 deaths, I have no empathy whatsoever for him. Good luck on the book edit!

    • padresteve

      Thanks Jill.

    • ajc

      We can’t fake empathy for this monster who would and has done harm to decent people. I do not want him to die. Just get what he has brought on others. Stop his evil for awhile so we can play catch up. I hope a lot of these freaks get the virus so they get it. They have to be stopped in their insanity and craziness and complete loyalty to the dictator. He even poses like musillini (spelling ?)

  4. Dave M

    What are the political ramifications? When does secession kick in? So many questions, so few straight answers. There must be a Psalm for that. Take Care.

  5. Bernhard Keim

    The only question left is: What is the White House spreading faster? Disinformation or the Virus? During the last month Germany has had between 2 and 12 casualties on Covid-19, the US between 600 and 1,000. Here one can study what a difference the right policy makes. Trump celebrates this disease as the ultimate challenge for the fittest’s survival. Shame on him.

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