A High Crime, not a Misdemeanor: Hold Trump and His Minions Responsible for their Coup Attempt

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

The time for reckoning with the manifold crimes of Donald Trump, his Administration, his enablers in the Republican Party, and his coconspirators inside and outside government has come. The organized, encouraged and ordered an assault on the U.S. Congress by a massive number of supporters who proceeded to take over the Capitol Building as the House and Senate were beginning their ceremonial count of the the Electoral College votes that would certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President. For over two months Trump and his nefarious allies like Rudy Giuliani and countless others have been calling the election rigged, the results false, and despite all evidence to the contrary they continued to claim yesterday that the election had been stolen, and Trump claimed that he had been cheated. Of course recount after recount in states with Republican governors, legislatures and Supreme Courts rejected his spurious and conspiracy riddled claims. Over 60 of his vaunted legal team’s lawsuits were laughed out of state and federal courts including the completely Republican Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the United States Supreme Court where Trump himself had appointed three of the six Republican appointed justices. The fact of the matter was that Trump lost, there was not a shred of evidence of voter fraud and during all the counting and recounting of the ballots Trump, his enablers, and his often heavily armed Cult members made numerous threats, including death threats against governors, state attorney’s general, state and election officials. Not a single one stood up in court. Undeterred some tried to submit Trump friendly elector slates outside of those approved by the various state legislatures.

Despite all the failures Trump persisted in claiming fraud and even threatening the Various GOP officials who though they wanted him to win stood by the election results in their states. They upheld their oaths and the law. That further enraged Trump and his egregious actions against elected GOP officials ended up so poisoning the electorate in Georgia that in the two Senate runoff elections both incumbent Republican Senators lost ensuring that the Democrats will now have not just a House majority but a Senate majority. In his actions against his own party supporters he also lost the GOP majority in the Senate. This was the result of his arrogance, hubris, and narcissistic need for attention and the limelight. But I digress…

Trump encouraged sedition and treason. He, his son Donald Junior, Rudy Giuliani, and several others encouraged violence against the Congress and his own Vice President. He and they put the lives of every member of Congress, Vice President Pence, and countless others at risk. As a result of this violent craven assault on the “People’s House” at least five people died, including a Capitol Police Officer who was smashed in the head with a fire extinguisher by one of the terrorists. Many others were injured.

The primary targets of this attack were Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as well as Democrat and Republican members of the House and Senate who opposed Trump. All had been targeted by Trump and other leading Trump supporters as they gathered at the White House and were addressed by Trump, Donald Jr., Rudy Giuliani and others and exhorted to violence and combat.

Of the thousands who assaulted the Capitol and threatened those of both parties in it less than 60 were arrested. Most were allowed to leave the premises without being arrested or charged. That is criminal negligence on the part of law enforcement. If the people who attacked the Capitol had been Black Lives Matter protestors, or any other peaceful non-white Supremacist Trump supporting group there would have been thousands of arrests and a massive unbridled display of force against them.

What happened needs to be investigated from top to bottom and all those complicit need to be charged and tried. Every single one of them from the President to the most pathetic of the violent ignoramuses who attacked the Capitol and committed violence needs to face justice for what they did. That includes the Senators and Representatives who encouraged them, the President and his fellow conspirators who ordered those people into the assault, any public official who aided or enabled these terrorists to breach the perimeter of the Capitol building, or those who deflated or prevented law enforcement reinforcements from getting to the Capitol before the attack.

Now is the time for justice and retribution. Criminal charges need to be filed against everyone who participated in the attack and who conspired to make it happen. None should go unpunished. They planned, encouraged an attack on the Congress by violent insurgents Bent on destruction and assassination. The had firearms, IEDs, Molotov Cocktails, and other weapons with them. In addition other groups attempted to assault the Georgia and Michigan State Capitol buildings and the Governor’s mansion in Washington State.

Of the President does not resign he needs to be removed through the 25th Amendment or impeachment. His movement needs to be restricted so he cannot leave the country In order to flee justice after he leaves office. Senate and House members who took part and encouraged this assault including Senators Cruz and Hawley as well as House members need to be censured and removed from office by the the members of each House. There is no place for those who attempt to overthrow elections and incite violence in either house of Congress. Such removals are not without precedent and need to be undertaken immediately.

All of these people, especially the President pose a clear and present danger to the country and Trump’s actions have set up a national security crisis as our enemies realize how vulnerable we are with a President who cannot be trusted with handling any National Security issue for fear that he might attempt to use one in a vain attempt to remain in power or declare a state of emergency in order to make further attempts on his domestic opponents.

The next 12 days are filled with danger, from American citizens turned terrorists and insurgents to foreign enemies hoping to humiliate us when our President is busily trying to undermine our domestic and national security.

We cannot let our guard down because the danger is too great. This is probably the most vulnerable our nation has been since the secession crisis in 1860-


Padre Steve+


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19 responses to “A High Crime, not a Misdemeanor: Hold Trump and His Minions Responsible for their Coup Attempt

  1. $$$GoodVibes

    Hi Steve. Unfortunately, I see that all you said has come to pass. Good reason for us in NZ to be worried. Praying harder than ever for you all. Good luck and , most importantly, may the Lord keep you all safe.

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  3. I expect further insurrection by Trump nation ding-bat “patriots”. Pence needs to grow a pair and evoke the 25th amendment, followed by the DOJ indicting Trump for treason. Enough!

  4. Pierre Lagacé

    Remember Padre what he always says… “We’ll see what happens…”

    Well, nothing of this will happen because his former minions will pray he will just leave quietly hoping that he will never return.

    He will return and will haunt them for the rest of their “political” lives if they don’t act NOW.

  5. I’m at a loss to understand the mentality of those terrorists who would destroy this nation. I agree with you that we need to root out all those who had anything to do with the events of Wednesday, for I fear the blame goes much deeper than we even think, however it’s unlikely to happen in time to prevent the next attack, which appears to be planned for January 20th, not surprisingly. For the first time in my nearly 70 years, I fear for the future of this nation, Padre. Sigh.

    • ajc

      these people were always here and will always be here they came out of hiding because trump empowered them

    • padresteve

      I do too Jill. But unfortunately the fight is now in our hands. But remember age and guile can always defeat ignorance and hatred.

    • Ditto there. They’re angry, entitled, and think the rules don’t apply to them. Considering how they were handled with kid gloves compared to other large actions this year… yeah.

      I was watching Beau of the Fifth Column’s stream about this event a couple days ago. Everybody knew something was going to happen and then it did, but they’re surprised by the violence of it. They kept saying they didn’t expect it. What’s not said is “they didn’t expect white folks to act like this.” It’s no wonder the awful, gleeful feeds of Dump supporters cheering this madness on at the start, just a few hours later started backpedaling and blaming it on Antifa. There’s just cold fury in my gut at their initial glee, but even more at their cowardice in not admitting what they’d done. I don’t have enough expletives in my vocabulary to say what I really think about them.

  6. ajc

    pence is afraid of these people and will do nothing he will procrastinate so many people are the targets of these people now

  7. the dreadful part is this isn’t over yet (or at least someone’s trying to make it look that way). Caught Michael Moore’s vid from the 9th where he mentioned a poster that had been going up all over D.C. and in all 50 state capitals, talking about an armed march (I think it is supposed to be the 17th) this time. He couldn’t post the pic because they don’t want to advertise this, and the media isn’t saying much if anything about it.
    I had to listen to it a couple of times today (it’s lengthy), but considering how often he’s been at the Capitol himself to do interviews and such, he firmly believes it was an inside job for some of the mob to be able to do as much as they did.
    It’s odd to watch his vid, and I hadn’t seen him in a long time. I mean, he was speaking slowly and carefully for the most part, and seemed an inch away from letting go at others.

    In case you’re curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQCsVVVknzQ

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