Warship & Naval Battles

My dad was a Navy Chief and very early on I came to love the Navy.  Like my affair with all things military I have read and studied Naval Warfare as well as various ship designs since I was a child. I have built hundreds of ship models, mostly 1/700 waterline series and even did my own scratch modifications of kits to show modifications or rebuilds that they underwent.  I can say that it is a fair comment that I love all things to do with the sea and Navy ships.  Maybe that’s why I am in the Navy and hope to serve at sea at least one more time before I retire.  While my interests in naval warfare go back to antiquity with such battles as Salamis, the Armada, the Seven Years War naval battles, the American Revolution and the War of 1812, the epoch battles of the Napoleonic period, the great revolution of steam and steel and the Dreadnaughts my real interest has been in the ships that fought in the early years of World War II.  This page will certainly see additions so check back occasionally.

Vice Admiral Samuel Gravely Jr: Pioneer of Integration and Civil Rights in the U.S. Navy

“Let’s Make Sure that History Never Forgets the Name Enterprise” USS Enterprise Inactivated at Norfolk

237 Years of Service: Happy Birthday US Navy!

The Battle of Cape Esperance: October 11-12 1942

The Advent of Submarine Warfare: Otto Weddigen the U-9 and the Sinking of the Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue

The Naval Balance in the Arabian Gulf

Requiem of Empire: The Yamato Class Battleships

The Battleships of D-Day

Compounding Disaster: The Loss of the Mikuma at Midway

70 Years: Celebrating the Miracle at Midway

The First Shot: USS Ward at Pearl Harbor

The Battle of Leyte Gulf: Sinking the Musashi

The Battle of Leyte Gulf: Introduction and the Battle of Palawan Passage

The Navy is the Future of National Security

“The most bold and daring act of the age” Stephen Decatur and the Burning of the USS Philadelphia at Tripoli

1812: The Year of the Frigates

Bloody Savo: Disaster at Guadalcanal

From the Sea: The Absolute Need of a Strong Navy, Merchant Marine, Coast Guard and Viable National Maritime Strategy

Hawks at Angels 12: The Sacrifice of VMF 221 and VSMB 241 at Midway

An Invincible Fleet and a Flawed Plan: The Japanese at Midway

The Naming of a New Aircraft Carrier and the Centrality of the Navy in Future National Security Strategy

The Death of the Mighty Hood: The Battle of the Denmark Strait 24 May 1941

Harbingers of the Future: The German Type XXI Electroboote U-Boats

The Iranian Navy in the Mediterranean: Looking for War in all the Right Places Posted 20 February 2011

Predators of the High Seas: The Type IX U-Boats Posted 17 February 2011

The First Modern Destroyers: The Imperial Japanese Navy Fubuki Class Posted 12 February 2011

Flush Decks and Four Pipes: The Wickes and Clemson Class Destroyers Posted 7 February 2011

The U-Boat Type VIIC: Workhorse of the Kriegsmarine Posted 5 February 2011

The Post Treaty Super Dreadnought Battleships: Introduction Posted 25 January 2011

Save the USS Olympia! News Update Number One Posted 24 January 2011

The South Dakota Class Battleships: The Best of the Treaty Battleships Posted 25 January 2011

The Next Generation: The North Carolina Class Battleships Posted 22 January 2011

British Bulwarks: The King George V Class Battleships Posted 19 January 2011

French Firepower Forward: The unrealized potential of the Dunkerque and Richelieu Class Battleships Posted 14 January 2011

The Pride of the Regina Marina: The Vittorio Veneto Class Battleships Posted 12 January 2011

The Graf Zeppelin and Aquila: Dreams of the Axis Carrier Air Enthusiasts Posted 8 January 2011

Four of a Kind: The Illustrious Class Aircraft Carriers Posted 29 December 2010

Early British Aircraft Carriers: HMS Argus, Furious, Eagle, Courageous, Glorious, Hermes and Ark Royal

The Ships of Pearl Harbor: A Comprehensive List with Short Histories of Each Ship

Forgotten on the Far Side of Ford Island: USS Utah, USS Detroit, USS Raleigh and USS Tangie

100 Years of Navy Aviation: Part One the Aircraft Carriers

100 Years of Navy Aviation: Part One the Aircraft Carriers

“I have not yet begun to Fight!” John Paul Jones and the Battle of Flamborough Head

Iconic and Heroic: The Fletcher Class Destroyers

Save the USS Olympia!

Workhorses: The Brooklyn Class Light Cruisers

The Beginning of the Nuclear Surface Navy: USS Enterprise CVAN-65, USS Long Beach CG-9, USS Bainbridge DLGN/CGN-25 and USS Truxton DLGN/CG-35

Forerunners of the Next Generation: The New Mexico Class, USS New Mexico, USS Idaho and USS Mississippi

The Battle Fleet that Never Was: The USS Washington, the South Dakota Class and the Lexington Class Battle Cruisers

The Oldest Ladies…Battleships USS Arkansas, New York and Texas

Power and Beauty the Battle Cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau

They Held the Line: The USS Yorktown CV-5, USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Hornet CV-8, Part Three the Enterprise

The Alaska Class Battle Cruisers: The Last of the Line

They Held the Line: The USS Yorktown CV-5, USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Hornet CV-8, Part Two the Hornet

The Battleships of Pearl Harbor

The Transitional Carriers: USS Ranger CV-4 and USS Wasp CV-7

The First Aircraft Carriers Part One: The First American Flattops- Langley, Lexington and Saratoga

Five Minutes that Changed History: The Battle of Midway 1022-1027 hours June 4th 1942

They Held the Line: The USS Yorktown CV-5, USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Hornet CV-8, Part One

The Treaty Cruisers: A Warship Review

2 responses to “Warship & Naval Battles

  1. Good posting on a favorite topic. Glad to see someone is blogging about these things.
    Steven Bustin
    Author, Humble Heroes, How The USS Nashville CL43 Fought WWII.

  2. As a just-promoted Lieutenant, I was assigned as CTF 75 Staff Cryptologist in USS PROVIDENCE (CLG-6) and took part in this oteparion. It was a pretty exciting time! I have read ADM Holloway’s article in Naval History magazine and have discussed Operation LION’S DEN with him once in person and also through an exchange of letters. I am looking forward to attending the ribbon-cutting and seeing the exhibit.Attending with me will be my wife, Judy Cosgriff, and nephew, MIDN 2/c Thomas Uyttebroek.

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