Pleasant Travels

Today has been a very long travel day.  I had to be up very early for a 0600 flight out of Sacramento to Los Angeles, a couple of hours in LAX and a breakfast burrito and beer.  I then went to my flight to Chicago.  I was crammed into steerage with a nice couple, he was a member of the Church of Baseball Wrigley Field Parish, obviously a true believer had not rejected his faith despte moving to Los Angeles.  In Chicago I had a beer with a Army soldier on his way back from one phase of training as he got ready to deploy to Afghanistan.  The Fox Sports Bar in terminal E/F was packed, he saw my desert back pack, asked what service and to his table.

Other people have been really nice at every stop.  I just about missed my flight because after waking up at 0245 I fell back asleep and had to dash out of the hotel at 0400 only bothering to wash my face and brush my teeth.  I got on California 99 and fell in with a couple of other cars doing 85-90 MPH and made record time to airport just making it to the gate as the aircraft was already boarding.

Now my flight to Norfolk, or as it is known by it’s airport code as ORF is delayed by about 45 minutes due to the Nor’easter that has flooded my neighborhood.  Elmer the shrink is going to pick me up as it will keep the Abbess off the road in the dark, flooded and generally crappy conditions.

What has been nice about this trip has been the pleasantness of the people. Anyway, time to board.

Peace, Padre Steve+


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