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Fort Hood Update II: The Shooter is Alive

At a news conference LTG Cone the Commander of III Corps and Fort Hood revealed that the shooter suspected in the killing of 12 soldiers and wounding of 31 others is alive and in stable condition and not dead as initially reported.  Major Malik Nidal Hasan a  psychiatrist was supposedly upset that he had orders to deploy to Iraq.

nidal hasanMajor Malik Nidal Hasan the Killer of 12 Soldiers

Once again I was correct in my suppositions about the suspect.  I was telling the Abbess at dinner that I believed that he was an American citizen who went through a commissioning program at a major university before attending medical school. Major Hasan was a graduate of Virginia Tech and its Army ROTC program before attending the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.  He reportedly received a poor Officer Evaluation Report (OER) at Walter Reed before being assigned to Fort Hood.  There is speculation that the he viewed his deployment to Iraq as punishment.

If Major Hasan survives his wounds the truth may come out.  Thankfully he has not as yet taken his secrets to the grave. If there is a conspiracy or other possible terrorist involvement or even a psychiatric disorder we may find an answer to the carnage and terror that his actions have caused.  It is possible that he did this simply out of being pissed at the Army for his bad OER and deployment orders and taking it out on his fellow soldiers.  The worst scenario is if is a deliberate terrorist act committed by a man committed to a radical ideology.  That suggests if an officer is capable of such an act that others may be capable of the same.  If it is a case of a provider who has hit the wall in dealing with his patients trauma it is also frightening.  If it is a case of a man who is angry at the Army for real or perceived injustices it is another matter.  The only scenario that makes sense to me is in regard to the targets of his attack.  The choice of his fellow soldiers could be indicative of the terrorist motive.  The choice of victims could also be indicative of his motivations. There are reports that Major Hasan was strongly opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and also made internet postings about suicide bombings. While this is still not yet confirmed if it is true than it it could indicate terrorist involvement apart from Major Hasan.

Please pray for the victims and their friends and families.


Padre Steve+

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Fort Hood Update

So far 11 dead and 31 to 33 wounded.  Shooter identified as Major Malik Nidal Hasan, DO MPH an Army Psychiatrist and graduate of teh Uniformed School of Health Sciences in Bethesda Maryland.  One person of interest in custody, two others detained and then released.  Conflicting reports that Hasan is of Jordanian background or American convert to Islam.

As an officer I find it abhorrent that a fellow officer of any religion would kill fellow soldiers, possibly soldiers that he was to deploy to Iraq.

I am concerned that a Xenophobic reaction could occur and cast suspicion on all American Moslems, even those who have become American and only culturally Moslem.  Some blog entries have been positively vile even though information is still limited regarding Major Hasan, his background and his motives.  I fear for some of the Moslem friends that I have in the military who are more American than Moslem.

I pray that people wait to make informed decisions and do not turn to violence in response to this terrible terrorist act. God help us.

Please pray for the community at Ft Hood, Killeen and the surrounding areas, especially for the dead, wounded and those who have lost loved ones or friends.

More to follow….

Peace, Padre Steve+

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Fort Hood Shooting URGENT

I’ve been following the shootings at Fort Hood.  There is still very sketchy information about what is going on.  So far information on most news outlets saying at least 7 dead and 12-15 wounded.  A Sergeant Major interviewed on CNN said that there were multiple shooters of which one has been caught.  There is a manhunt underway.  The friends that I know are safe, both young chaplains and certainly involved in what is going on.  Reports say that the shooters were wearing the Army Combat Uniform and using “M-16s.”  My guess is that the weapons were AR-15’s which can be bought on the outside and are readily available for $500-$800 through legitimate sellers.  The are semi-automatic but can be modified to fire fully automatic.

No one is saying if the shooters were military or impostors or their motivation other than to kill soldiers. The shooting occurred at the “Soldier Readiness Center.”    This is a place where deployers and returning warriors are processed and appears to also house the Combat Stress treatment center.

I used to train at Fort Hood when I was in the Texas Army National Guard back in the 1980s and 1990s.  It is a huge base and the area where the shootings occurred is quite congested and heavily populated at mid-day.

I have suspicious that the shooters were impersonating Army personnel, agents of a terrorist organization planted in the military, or possibly members of a separatist or fundamentalist group that has infiltrated the Army.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is reporting close to 30 casualties.

More to follow…Pray for the the victims and their families.

Peace, Padre Steve+


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World Series Game Six: Yankees Win it All

Part Two: Written after the game

matsuiHideki Matsui World Series MVP

Yankees Pitchers against Phillies Batters: Andy Pettitte had very good stuff in the first five innings giving up one run on a sacrifice fly by Jimmy Rollins following a 1 out triple by Carlos Ruiz.  In the sixth Ryan Howard hit a one out two run homer driving in Chase Utley off of Pettitte who then stuck out Jayson Wirth.  With 2 outs Raul Ibanez doubled down the line to right. Joba Chamberlain came in to get the final out of the Phillies sixth. Ruiz singled and Jimmy Rollins hit into a fielder’s choice and then Chamberlain walked Shane Victorino.  Joe Girardi then pulled Chamberlain for Damaso Marte who came in to face Chase Utley who he struck out to end the inning. Marte struck out Ryan Howard who with the “K” set a new World Series record of 13 strike outs.  The Yankees then brought in Mariano Rivera who struck out Jayson Wirth for the second out. Raul Ibanez doubled to center after battling Rivera at the plate.  Pedro Feliz then popped out to Posada in foul territory to end the inning. Rivera faced pinch hitter Matt Stair to lead off the ninth getting him to line out to Jeter at short. Carlos Ruiz came up next and worked the count full before drawing a one out walk.  Jimmy Rollins flew out to Swisher in right bringing up Shane Victorino.  Ruiz took second on a strike to Victorino who after a battle with Rivera where he worked the count full grounded out to Cano at second to begin the celebration for the Yankees and their fans.

joegirardiYankees Manager Joe Girardi Led the Yankees back to the Top

Phillies Pitchers against Yankees Batters: Pedro Martinez struggled and was hit hard by Hideki Matsui who homered in the second with Alex Rodriguez on base and who singled with the bases load in the bottom of the third to drive in two more. By the end of the fourth he had pitched 62 pitches, giving up 4 runs on 3 hits with 2 walks and hitting Mark Teixeira with a pitch. Pedro was pulled by Charlie Manuel at the end of the fourth for reliever Chad Durbin who gave up a double to Derek Jeter to lead off the bottom of the 5th.  Jeter was advanced by a sacrifice bunt by Jerry Hairston who Mark Teixeira hit an RBI single to drive in Jeter.  After walking Alex Rodriguez Durbin was relieved by J.A. Happ who gave up a double to left to Matsui scoring Teixeira and Rodriguez.  By the end of the inning the Yankees were up 7-1. With one out and one on the Phillies sent in Chan Ho Park who got Derek Jeter to hit into a fielder’s choice and Jerry Hairston to fly out.  In the bottom of the seventh Park got Mark Teixeira on a strike out but gave up a grounder with eyes which got through for a base hit to Alex Rodriguez.  Park left the game as Scott Eyre came in to face Matsui. Rodriguez stole 2nd as Eyre struck out Matsui.  Eyre then walked Posada and stuck out Cano to end the inning.  In the 8th Eyre remained in the game getting Nick Swisher to ground out to third for the first out and Brett Gardner to ground out to second. With two outs Brett Myers came in to face Jeter who singled to right for his 175th career playoff hit and got Jerry Hairston to fly out on a soft fly to left.

With the win the Yankees won their 27th World Series and their first in the new Yankee Stadium.  In a historic sense it was fitting. In 1923 the Yankees won their first World Series title in the inaugural year of the original Yankee Stadium which sat silently in the dark next to the new ballpark. Hideki Matsui was the Series Most Valuable Player and the Yankees won their first series since they beat the Mets in the “Subway Series of 2000.  For the Yankees it was the end of a long streak of frustration in post season play.  The Yankee “old guard” of Jeter, Posada, Pettitte and Rivera returned to glory, additions since the last series win  including  Alex Rodriguez, C.C. Sabathia, Matsui and Johnny Damon got their rings as Yankees while Sabathia and Rodriguez shook off years of frustration.

In my next post I will give my analysis and reflections on the Series, the playoffs and the 2009 season.

yankees celebrateWorld Champion Yankees

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