Merry Christmas Eve!

Scrooged (1988) 3

“It’s Christmas Eve! It’s… it’s the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we… we… we smile a little easier, we… w-w-we… we… we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people that we always hoped we would be!” Frank Cross (Bill Murray) in Scrooged

This evening is Christmas Eve and I have noticed today, almost everywhere I have been that people have been just a bit nicer than usual. Well, I take that back, except for the old bat in the Gold Lexus that cut me off for a parking spot at the grocery store, but even so most people seem to be just a bit friendlier than most days of the year.

Today after getting a few things that we needed for Christmas day Judy and I went out and had a beer with some of our friends at Gordon Biersch. Tonight we will meet another Chaplain and his wife for dinner before settling in for the night.

It is nice to be with each other and to have all that we need and to enjoy our two dogs, Molly and Minnie. Tomorrow we will unwrap, or let the dogs unwrap their gifts. Molly knows exactly what to do. She unwraps her presents every year. This will be Minnie’s first Christmas so it will be interesting to see her do her gifts. Since she is a Papillon I expect that she will have no problem figuring this ritual out.

So blessings to you as you celebrate this Christmas, no matter how you do it. I believe that Christmas is for everyone, that the joy, fellowship and love can be shared by anyone of good will.


Padre Steve+

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  1. I hate to be a buzzkill, on this of all evenings of the year, but I just heard the news that Jack Klugman died. It seems this year is determined to deprive us of a great many household names.
    But this is also a time for love, for joy, for thoughts for our fellow man (and woman). So I will instead make this comment about those. As always, Padre, I thank you for your service, for your writings, and for your friendship. May this evening, and every evening, find you wrapped in the loving embrace of family, and friends – be they physical or electronic in form. I wish you and yours a truly blessed Christmas. May you receive all that you so richly deserve, including the gratitude of an entire thankful nation – myself VERY much included!

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