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Why you shouldn’t growl when people cry “Jim Crow” about NC’s new voting law

Not my writing but a very thought provocative article by Morgan Guyton. Having closely studied the recently enacted voting laws in North Carolina I could not have said this better. The NC law sets a precedent that has not been so blatantly seen since the height of Jim Crow. It is actually scary when you read it and look at the real life implications, especially on elderly African American Christians and college students, many of whom are likewise Christians. Peace, Padre Steve+

Mercy not Sacrifice

jim crowSo what’s the big deal with making people flash a photo ID at a poll before they vote? You have to have a photo ID to buy beer; why shouldn’t you be required to have one to vote? And how dare you call it a racist Jim Crow law! Since I know I have readers who have thoughts like these in their heads when they hear the criticisms of the voting law NC governor Pat McCrory signed yesterday and because I love you and want to have a more productive conversation with you than just flaming and shaming, I thought I would try to calmly go through the problematic portions of the law and explain why I and other people see them as problematic.

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The Coming Egyptian Civil War: Disaster Beckons

Since it looks like this is developing before our very eyes I figured that this article from last month was even more pertinent… Peace, Padre Steve+

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Cairo protesters

History has a strange way of playing itself out in the lives of individuals, nations and peoples. I wish that I was wrong bit as I look at the situation in Egypt today I see a situation which is as fluid as the shifting sands of the desert and as dangerous as the legendary Biblical plagues of the time of Moses.

When the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak was overthrow by the military in 2011 it was hoped by many that Egypt would defy he odds of history, not Islamic or Egyptian history, but human history in that a revolution of a people without their own history of freedom and representative democracy seldom in its initial stages produces freedom and representative democracy.


In Europe alone Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Russia have endured bloody civil wars following the overthrow of autocratic regimes. Likewise the same is true of the history of…

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