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Background on the Pacific Part Two: Guadalcanal the Marines take the Offensive

It is the night before the movers come so I am re-posting something from the vault. Today is the 71st anniversary of the Marines landing on Guadalcanal. It was the beginning of an offensive that did not end until VJ Day in 1945. The sacrifice of the Marines as well as the sailors who kept the Japanese Navy and Air Force at bay in the critical months of August through November 1942 should never be forgotten. Semper Fidelis and Anchors Aweigh!

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This is the second “backgrounder” that I am posting to help my readers not acquainted with the War in the Pacific who desire to whet their whistle so to speak get an introduction to this war. While the series appears to be very well done it cannot provide the broad overview and references needed if a person really wants to know more. I believe that those who appreciate the story of the Marines portrayed in the series can help pass this on to others by learning more themselves about the subject.  I hope that this will encourage you  my readers never to forget the Marines depicted in “The Pacific.”


Guadalcanal came to American attention in early 1942 as a result of the Japanese South Pacific advance, which “threatened the Allied line of communications with Australia.”[1] Admiral King believed that “the Japanese must not be permitted to consolidate the…

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