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Moving Back in the Second Time and doing it Right


I am enjoying a number of Gordon Biersch Czech Pilsners tonight as we complete yet another long day of my move back home.

Military moves are always an adventure. This is the first one where after being away from home three years I have had to move back in to my own home. Most of my stuff, except my dinning room table made it back undamaged. Since I don’t want to toss it out and have the military buy me a new one I need to have it repaired myself or go through the excruciating process of filing a claim and having someone repair it weeks from now.

I thought I had purged a lot of my stuff, and I had. But then when I started unpacking I found that just like The Price is Right there is indeed more. Today between what came off the truck and what was in closers I took a full load in my trusty Ford Escape to the local thrift store. A lot of it was stuff I have bought at a deep discount to sell on E-Bay but later realized that I wasn’t going to make enough to make it worth my time to sell. Thus the thrift shop gets the benefit of a lot of new sportswear and memorabilia to sell, while I get the tax write off.

Last night both Judy and I were exhausted and exasperated. The stress of moving, gutting the crap that has built up over the years and trying to make your home the way you wanted it to be 10 years ago is a real pain in the ass. I have been working hard to get things back in shape, and for those that think a spouse by themselves can read your mind and be able to do everything needed in your absence you are full of shit. A home is a team effort and since there is a “Me” in team I have had a big part in this team effort. Judy did a heck of a lot in my absence but a lot was more than she could do on account of the fact that either she needed me to be there to make a decision as to what to do with something or needed my gargantuan physical abilities to make it happen.

Yes and for those that do not already know this I am a physical beast despite my age and small stature. Ask my buddy and former body guard in Iraq Nelson “the Tyrant” Lebron.

This morning when the movers came Judy kept Molly and Minnie at bay while I worked with the movers to get my stuff in the house and unload it. Of course a fair amount of what I have is stuff for my former and future office so some things will have to wait to be unpacked. However, that being said there is still much work to do and lots of stuff to either be put away or gotten rid of before we are done.

I have also gotten rid of things that I kept for nothing more than sentimental reason. I do value sentiment but now I need to move on. If for nothing else the sake of my sanity. Thus I will spend a lot of time during the next week or so getting rid of things. The future demands it. Besides it would be a pain in the ass to try to take it with me.


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