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The Battle of Camarón 1863: The Heroic Stand of the Foreign Legion

Friends of Padre Steve’s World, Today I am getting to go on the road for a few days and since it is the anniversary of the Battle of Camarón, a battle legendary to the French Foreign Legion I am re-publishing something that I wrote two years ago. I have a soft spot for soldiers that fight in hopeless causes and wars launched by politicians that do not have their interests at heart. The men at Camarón are honored not only by the nation they served but by the people of the nation that they were attempting to occupy. That is an interesting testimony to the bravery and honor that these men of the Foreign Legion had on that day. Peace, Padre Steve+

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Lieutenant Clement Maudet Leads Surviving Legionnaires in a Final Charge at Camarón 

“We may die, but never will surrender.” Lieutenant Jean Villian

Almost every Army or nation has a story of a heroic group of soldiers that fight valiantly and often die against enemies of far greater strength.  The United States has the Texan defenders of the Alamo and in World War II the Marine defenders of Wake Island. The British the Battle of Rourke’s Drift in the Zulu War. In 1989 the 9th Company of the Red Army’s 345th Independent Guards Airborne Regiment conducted a heroic defense against Afghan Mujahideen at Hill 3234 during Operation Magistral.

However, seldom are “the few” honored by friend and foe alike.  Among these are the 65 men of the 3rd Company of the 1st Battalion Légion Étrangère (Foreign Legion). These few would battle nearly 2000 Mexican Soldiers at a small Hacienda called Camarón…

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