Minor Disasters and Moderate Headaches

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

It has been an exhausting week. Last week my air conditioning system’s condensation pan overflowed due to insulation that clogged the drain pipes. Water poured through my ceiling saturated a good part of my library and my wife’s art supply storage room, and our upstairs hallway and landing. Water soaked the carpet and laminated floors, walls and a door frame. It also soaked the subfloor and my living room ceiling. We now have carpeting and flooring that has been ripped out as well as dry way that has been torn out to help dry things out.

Since then we have been trying to dig out with the assistance of our USAA and Servpro which they contracted to do the drying out process. The company which put in the insulation sent out a manager to assist and see if they could cover my deductible and some extra for the massive inconvenience of it all. Hopefully their national office will be as good as the local and regional managers. I am grateful for their help, but the amount of work that we have sorting through all we had in that room is exhausting.

That being said since Tuesday my house sounds like we live in the engine room of a warship, very loud, but thankfully without the heat. We have dehumidifiers and fans upstairs and downstairs and while the noise doesn’t bother our unflappable Papillon dogs, it is exhausting. But on the plus side when I am near the fans I don’t notice the chronic tinnitus that I have endured since my tour in Iraq.

Saturday will be busy, I will be participating in a Mass for the first communion of some children of our German NATO contingent at one of my chapels and of course the Mass will be in German. That is not hard because I have celebrated Mass in German before, but it has been a while, even so it will be fun and my German is good enough to get by pretty well. In the afternoon Judy and I have separate parties to attend because both need to be attended and so she will do one while I do the other. It is nice to be wanted.

Next week will busy as we continue to deal with drying the house out, sorting through stuff, and then with the contractor who will be putting things back together, as well as balancing out stuff at work that cannot be ignored. I figure we have at least three weeks of pain ahead, but again I won’t complain because stuff will get fixed, it will be better than when it started, and I have a supportive command and great staff.

That being said this is exhausting and there is so much going on in the world. Of course when I get a chance I will try to get some time to write. So until tomorrow or whenever, pray for me a sinner…


Padre Steve+


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6 responses to “Minor Disasters and Moderate Headaches

  1. bvolman

    Steve, take care. May the good Lord watch over you during this exhausting exercise in patience. I think the least we can do is pray. Blessings, Ben

  2. Lawrence Holliday

    Praying for you both, Padre.

  3. E Green

    Best wishes in recovering and conserving your library.

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