A Day to Promote other Blogs and Work on my Book

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today has been a day for me to promote some excellent blogs that I follow. I posted them on this site and posted them on Facebook and Twitter. Most deal with history, although others deal with art, music, archeology, architecture, law, humor, and current events. They include American, French, and English bloggers.

We have also been taking care of Minnie as she makes her slow but now steady recovery. I expect it will take longer, but she is looking and acting better.

I have also been working on editing my book.

So I will end here and wish you all a good night.


Padre Steve+


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5 responses to “A Day to Promote other Blogs and Work on my Book

  1. maryplumbago

    Absolutely adorable!

    • padresteve

      That they are. Our oldest, Minnie, the Black and White in front, who is eight years old has been really sick the past week. She’s doing better, and looks like she turned the corner after ingesting a toxin.

  2. ajc

    My cats think your dogs are cute. So do I.

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