The Most Dangerous Paper Route in the World

Stars and Stripes, which dates back to the Civil War, has published continuously since World War II. In 2010, the paper won a prestigious George Polk…

The Most Dangerous Paper Route in the World

Friends, of Padre Steve’s World, another chance to to publicize a great military history blogger who picks up so many nuggets of wealth that are missed because they happened in relatively forgotten theaters of WWII. But this, article dealing with the Stars and Stripes newspaper brought back memories of reading it overseas, having to get two subscriptions in the 1980s because since it was a tabloid and there was no internet Judy and I had a hard time sharing it. Getting it in Germany, Japan, Okinawa, and Korea, aboard ship in the Persian Gulf, and while deployed in Iraq. Follow Greg Cox’s Pacific Paratrooper Blog.

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  1. Thank you very much, Steve for sharing this post with your readers.

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