Ted Crosby – An Ace in a Day

As Ted Crosby watched, Yamato’s giant, 18-inch guns hit the water, their enormous weight probably helping the battleship capsize. Suddenly, Yamato’s …

Ted Crosby – An Ace in a Day

A great WWII air-sea post from Greg Cox at the Pacific Paratrooper Blog. For those who are really interested in the Pacific War his site is a must.


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6 responses to “Ted Crosby – An Ace in a Day

  1. William Ramsey

    The painting at the top of blog post depicts a Japanese Zero in flames being passed by a U.S. Navy Hellcat. The caption reads, “In a dramatic painting by Roy Grinnell, Lieutenant (j.g.) Willis Hardy, a member of Crosby’s VF-17 Squadron from the carrier USS Hornet, flames a Japanese kamikaze plane that was on its way to attack the American naval task force off Okinawa, April 6, 1945. The Hellcat’s distinctive “white checkerboard” markings show it belongs to the USS Hornet (CV12).”

    Commander Hardy was a long time resident of San Juan Capistrano, California where he served for many years on the City’s Los Rios Review Committee and Cultural Heritage Commission, and was a distinguished member of the SJC Historical Society. He was truly an officer and a gentleman. He passed in 2017 at the age of 97 having embraced a well-lived life.

    • padresteve

      I never knew him but what an amazing man. Thanks for the insight Bill.

    • I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with Steve here. I always encourage my readers to contribute more data if they are aware. It adds to the complete picture.

      • William Ramsey

        My pleasure. Stories are often a bit more full or rich than they may first appear.

      • padresteve

        I appreciate it when people add to the depth of what I have written by sharing insights that I was unaware or mention things I get wrong. When that happens I thank them and make the corrections. I always try to keep learning, even from my mistakes.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I greatly appreciate it.

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