Ten Days In November: COVID-19 Winter Sets In

My post from a day ago in case you missed it. Please read and share. Thank you.

Friends of Padre Steve’s World, COVID-19 Winter is here. The past month was brutal. Between 14 October and 13 November the United States went from …

Ten Days In November: COVID-19 Winter Sets In


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6 responses to “Ten Days In November: COVID-19 Winter Sets In

  1. Pierre Lagacé

    I have read it Padre, but I did not comment on it.
    I find it so sad what is going on. Seeing that sign COVID-19 is a lie was too much. What does it take to see who has been lying to the American people?

    What is more sad is that the United States will never be the same anymore. So divided with all this hate dominating social media.

    If people were fighting for toilet paper in March 2020, it’s hard not to imagine what will happen in the future as the virus spreads more and more.

    I see that rural America, which mostly backed up Trump, is now hit by the virus.

    I can’t understand how people can trust someone who has made his living with telling lies after lies after lies.

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    A must read.

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