17 responses to “The Great Evangelical Disaster: Selling the Birthright….and not Even a Bowl of Soup to Show for It

  1. Are you certain about this…? 🙂 Excellent insight and spot-on!

  2. I had a huge problem with the religious “flip-flop” done in order to support Mitt Romney. I’ve spoken with a wide variety of folk in the aftermath of the election, and that is one key topic pointed to many who jumped over the GOP fence and voted for Obama. While “victory at any cost” is a loathsome concept, it seems to be readily accepted for politics, but NOT for religion. To see religious leaders backtracking wildly to support someone they were viciously attacking a few weeks before smacks of political opportunism – something that should be anathema to religion.
    Of course, another strong aversion point was when the gent who financed Newt Gingrich, and made a scathing “documentary” about Mitt and Bain Capital rampaging across the economic landscape, promptly switched to supporting Mitt when he got the Republican nod, and promised $100 million to defeat Obama. Granted, that’s not a religious topic – unless you count worshiping greed as a religion. (Paging Mr. Gecko. Paging Mr. Gordon Gecko. 😀 )

  3. Cheryl

    Excellent. I ended up leaving my own church this past month after the pastor started preaching Reconstructionist b.s. as if it really were the word of God. You have very eloquently written my thoughts here.

  4. David

    Good article, but I would like to introduce you to something called a comma. Also, the correct spelling of “their.”

    • padresteve

      I’m usually better with commas and the spelling of “their.” I personally like the semi-colon as a way to keep a sentence going and as my wife can testify have always had a terrible problem with my “their” spelling. But thanks for pointing it out. I’ll have to check my spell check more often or possibly recalibrate my Mad Cow infected brain…;)

  5. Excellent summary of the last 35 years!

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    So true.

  7. Khrom

    Christianity is dooomed… Satin has won, come on over the water is warm.

  8. opelenge

    Excellent summary it has captured all my sentiments concerning the religious right in the past 4 years. I was enamoured of them 10 years ago but watched them drop all pretense at being followers of Christ four years ago when they begin praying death and destruction to the other side. I thought things could not get worse and then the Mormon Bishop became our Brother in Christ and legalistic values trumped the compassion and love of God. That’s when it became obvious to me the Evangelical block were not after the full gospel of Christ in our land/in our lives but political power for it’s own sake. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The hypocrisy of the church has been so hard to swallow and I’ve found it impossible to listen to any more of those right wing preachers. Their fruit is too rotten for my belly. Thanks for your article.

  9. John Rork

    Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is Gods..

    In contradistinction, “In God We Trust” on money is blasphemous, idolatrous, and a completely correct view of what is worshipped today.

  10. Karen Lamb

    No matter if these Christians were right or wrong, they had (and still do) the right to support and vote for whomever they want! I thank God for Godly men and women that take a stand against immorality.

    • padresteve

      Thank you for you comment. Please know that I don’t oppose anyone’s rights under the first Amendment, even if I disagree with them. Back in the 1970s until 2007 I could say that I was part of the Religious Right. It took the experience of war, PTSD and being told to leave the very conservative church that I was ordained after that to question the methods, motivations and machinations of the leaders of the movement. The fact is that Evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics have lost a generation of young believers and seekers because of the gross political partisanship and desire for control of the power of the state to suppress the rights of other citizens who don’t agree with them.
      That is the fact. It is unpleasant and it strikes at the heart. But it is true.
      Blessings and peace,
      Padre Steve+

  11. Thank Lori Potter for forwarding this to me on Twitter. I USUALLY don’t care to read about the political/religious landscape …but with the election just over..I thought I would take a chance and see what you had to say. Very interesting….and I subscribed to you on my email account. I, being a Christian myself often WONDER why some who call themselves Christians don’t follow the command Jesus said was the “MOST IMPORTANT” and focus on/become obsessed with other’s viewpoints/practices to the point of exclusion of all else in the bible. To each his own…. I will be reading more of your tweets/articles/emails/viewpoints.

  12. Mike

    I find it disgusting that the various religious organizations were willing to spend millions of dollars – gathered from tithing congregations – on political actions vs using the funds to help their own communities suffering under Wall Street’s choreographed economic collapse.

  13. Julie

    Yes! Thank you for speaking out. I couldn’t agree more. It is a travesty what so many churches and their leaders have done to harm the faith at a time when we can’t afford to lose ground. To me, this is a far greater sin than their token sins of immorality that they have made the center of their stand against immorality. Amazing they don’t view dishonesty and abandonment of “the least of these” as immoral, isn’t it!?

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