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The Brotherhood: Veterans Day 2013

A post that I modified for this year. I wa writing something this afternoon when I remembered that I had written a similar piece back then. Since laziness is the better part of virtue at times I decided just to update the older post. To all of the Veterans, past and and present know that you are my brothers and sisters.

Peace, Padre Steve+

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

I am always a bit on the melancholy side on Veterans Day.  This year is no different but is a bit different because for the United States the war in Iraq is over, at least for now while the war in Afghanistan grinds on as we prepare to transition.

For me our wars are more about the incredibly small number of Americans who for the past 12 years have borne the burden of these wars.  They are my brothers and sisters, the 0.45% of Americans that serve in the military.  While this is a terribly low number it is only marginally lower than most of our previous wars.

In fact for most of our history it has always been a small minority of Americans that have fought our wars.  Kind of funny when you think about how much our culture worships militarism. World War II was an anomaly as just…

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