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The Illusion of Peace: Remembering the Day Before Pearl Harbor

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It is the eve of the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I am re-publishing an updated and expanded article that I wrote a year ago. I think that it brings the days leading up to that attack into a current context.
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“A nation brought up on peace was going to war and didn’t know how.” Walter Lord 

For most Americans and Western Europeans this is time of peace. Well, at least the illusion of peace.

Tens of thousands of American, NATO and European Union troops operating in a number of mandates are in harm’s way. In some places like Afghanistan they are at war, in others attempting to keep the peace. Around the world regional conflicts, civil wars, insurgencies  and revolutions threaten not only regional peace but the world peace and economy. Traditional national rivalries and ethnic and religious tensions especially in Asia and the broader Middle East have great potential to escalate into wars that should they actually break will involve the US, NATO and the EU, if not militarily economically and diplomatically.

But, we live in a dream world an illusory world of peace. as W.H. Auden said in his poem September 1st…

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